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which of the following is nOT one of the universal emotions
a. contempt
b. disgust
c. hatred
d. surprise
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according to the diathesis stress theory, who is most likely to develop depression
a. mary, whose mother and father have depression
b. bob, whose mother had depression, and has just lost his job but has enough money to survive
c. john, who just broke up with his girlfriend of 5 years
d. julia, whose father had depression, just lost her job, and is struggling to keep her apartment
robert starts feeling very anxious speaking in public because he feels people will think he is "stupid". his heart rate increases, his mouth goes very dry every time he has to speak in public. robert tries to avoid having to speak in public anytime he can. which anxiety disorder most fits with roberts symptoms
a. panic disorder
b. social anxiety disorder
c. specific phobia
d. ptsd
ben experiences his eating episodes where he experiences a loss of control over his eating and consumes an objectively large amount of food in a short period of time. based on this info, ben would meet criteria for
a. ben meets criteria for bulimia nervosa
b. ben meets criteria for binge eating disorder
c. ben meets criteria for other specified feeding or eating disorder
d. more info is needed before determining a diagnosis