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Food Chain

The way energy moves through ecosystems


An animal that eats only other animals


Something that can change a food chain


Groups of different animals and plants living together


A community of plants, animals, and non-living things in an environment.


Amount of salt in something


Group of the same species living in the same place at the same time.


A living thing that breaks down dead plants or animals.


A living thing that can make its own food.

What ecosystems have a large variety of plants and animals

Tropical rain forests and coral reefs

If an ecosystem has lots of space then it can contain _____ living things.


What are the kinds of plants that can live in the mangrove swamp limited by


What eats only meat


What are three things that can change food chains and webs

fire, flood, pollution

Producers, consumers, and decomposers are the three levels of _____

A food chain


Illegally hunting and killing animals


What humans do to help save animals & plants from becoming endangered

What is the main source of energy for all living things

The sun

What are the most basic parts of an ecosystem

Living and non-living things

What eats both plants and animals


What has flat, short teeth for grinding


Is a mouse a consumer


Can a mouse, a hawk, a worm and a plant all be part of a community


Where do animals that are adapted to changing water saltiness live

Mangrove Swamp

A population is ________ a community

part of

Is a mouse a predator of a hawk

No, a prey

Explain what it means when food chains overlap

Consumers can share food in each other's food chains

What can happen if too many deer live in a habitat

There won't be enough food & they will have to compete for food, or move or die.

When the hawk dies, will producers break down the dead hawk's body

No, decomposers will.

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