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The Hunger Games Quiz 1 "People, Places and Things"

This set is created as part of a review for chapters 1-6 in the book, The Hunger Games
District 1
primary export- luxury items; very rich
in the Rocky Mountains; people are "out there" with wild colored hair and makeup; like to be thin and "surgically altered"
District 3
primary industry- factories and explosives
District 4
primary industry- fishing
District 11
primary industry- agriculture
District 12
primary industry- coal mining
the nation that emerges out of North America after the flooding and disasters
Hunger Games
these take place every year (we are in the 74th Hunger Games); they are mandatory to watch for ALL Panem citizens; a boy and a girl from each district is elected to compete in this televised death battle
term for someone selected to be a part of the Hunger Games
Reaping Day
term for the day that the Tributes are selected from each district
a token worth a year's supply of grain for one person; by opting to put your name into the Reaping more than required, you can earn a tesserae of food (thus making the Hunger Games unfair for the poor)
these are kids who are raised and trained to fight in the Hunger Games (even though this is against the rules); they volunteer to be a part of it, as it is an honor; usually from wealthy districts
districts are like states within Panem; very little communication occurs between districts, and each district has its own unique industry and perosnality
District Token
an item that each Tribute is permitted to wear as a symbol of good luck; Katniss wears the mockingjay pin
genetically altered birds that can repeat songs as a means of communication (they used to be used as spies during the Rebellion)
person convicted of a crime against Panem/the Capitol; they have to have their tongue cut out and are used as servants in the Capitol.
Suzanne Collins
author of The Hunger Games