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All terms unit 1-6


the basic unit of life


a strand ofgenetic material that contains genetic code


the breeding of two different pure breeds


a unit of inheritance composed of DNA


the study of heredity


genetic makeup of an animal


the passing of traits from parents to offspring


the outward expression of a gene

purebred breeding

the breeding of animals within the same breed


the process by which new organisms are derived normally involving the union of the male and female sex cells

agricultural animal—

species of animals produced on farms and ranches for useful products

Career Development Event (CDE)—

an activity sponsored by the FFA offering members opportunity to display competencies gained in agriculture education classes


male or female Bovine raised for the production of beef and/or milk


animal of the family Suidae raised for the production of pork


Ovine animals raised for the production of meat and fiber


any species of fowl that is raised for the production of meat, eggs, and/or other products, including chickens, ducks, turkeys, and other species


any ruminant of the genus Capra that is produced for milk, meat, fiber, or other use


animals of the genus Equus raised for work, recreational, or other uses


a deficiency of hemoglobin, iron, or red blood cells often due to nutrition

balanced ration

a daily allowance of livestock feed mixed to contain suitable nutrients to promote normal development, maintenance, lactation, or gestation


a severe distension of the abdomen by gas; two types: dry and frothy


any certain organic chemical compounds of C, H, and O which include sugar and starches


feed that is high in energy and low in fiber


the oily or greasy substances found in certain plants


a source or product containing nutrients that support animal life and productivity


a feed ingredient

milk fever

paralysis due to an imbalance of blood calcium, sugars, or magnesium


a chemical compound or element of inorganic origin


the process by which an animal ingests and uses nutrients in food materials


any of a large number of complex organic compounds of amino acids that is an essential part of all living things


the food an animal consumes in a 24-hour period

total digestible nutrient

all nutrients consumed by an animal that are digested and used


an organic substance that performs specific and necessary functions in relatively small concentrates in an organism

vitamin deficency

a disease caused by the lack of one or more vitamins in the diet


the most valuable natural resource

animal-related injury

an injury to humans caused by an animal

Occupational safety

promoting safety in the work place

personal safety

promoting the protection of individuals from injury


a disease communicable from animals to humans under natural conditions; also know as zoonosis


decomposing manure used as a soil additive


a structure for confining animals or protecting property


a body of water established for anaerobic decomposition of organic waste


a pit, trench, aboveground horizontal structure, or vertical cylinder structure of relatively airtight construction into which green crops, such as corn, grass, legumes, or small grain and other feeds, are placed and converted into silage for later use

nutient managment plan

a plan that establishes the quantities of animal manure and other wastes that may be applied to land based on the nutrient contents of the wastes

squeeze chute

a device for safely securing a large animal for administration of a health or management practice


to provide fresh circulating air

animal identification

attaching or altering an animal so that its identity is known; methods include tags, tattoos, brands, DNA, and notching


removing the testicles of a male to prevent unwanted breeding and promote desired growth


removing the tip of the beak of a baby chick to deter unwanted pecking and cannibalism


removing the horns or horn-developing tissue of an animal

hormone implant

a small pellet of hormone substance placed under the skin of an animal

producer quality assurance

a program that guides animal producers in selecting management practices to produce a quality animal product in which its well-being is


removing the hair or wool from an animal

tail docking

removing the tail from an animal


administering a vaccine

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