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Human Anatomy - Outline 3 - Neurons

Bipolar neuron
2 fibers- 1 axon, 1 dendrite
found in PNS
found in eyes, ears, & nasal cavity
Unipolar neuron
Single fiber - part is dendrite, part is axon
found in PNS
found throughout body
Multipolar neurons
Many fibers - many dendrites, single axon
found in CNS & PNS
most abundant neuron type
Sensory neurons (afferent)
carry impulses from receptors out in the body to the CNS.
Some are bipolar neurons, most are unipolar neurons
PNS neurons
Neurons of CNS
Process & integrate impulses
all are multipolar neurons
Motor neurons
efferent neurons
carry impulses from CNS out to effectors
All multipolar neurons
somatic motor neurons
carry impulses out to voluntary effectors (skeletal muscle)
visceral motor neurons
carry impulses to involuntary effectors (smooth & cardiac muscle glands)