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Words in bold = vocabulary (with some scientific root word definitions in parentheses). Definitions from the second half of Module 4, pages 109-120.


Spores that are formed in protective membrane sacs.


A spore-bearing sac composed of a protective membrane that is globe-, flask-, or dish-shaped.


The anaerobic breakdown of sugars into smaller molecules.


A process that separates the substances in a solution based on their boiling points.


A zygote surrounded by a hard, protective covering.


The result of sexual reproduction when each parent contributes half of the DNA necessary for the offspring.


A chemical secreted by a living organism that kills or reduces the reproduction rate of other organisms.


A mutualistic symbiotic relationship between a fungus and an alga.


A dust-like substance released by lichens that contains spores of both the alga and the fungus in a protective case.


A mutualistic symbiosis between a plant and a fungus.

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