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The hydrolysis of ATP releases energy into cells and increases acidity, which is due to increases in
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The (blank) is the site of motor processing and reflexive actions during sports.Spinal cordWhich division of the nervous system is essential for recovery from exercise or stress and secretes which chemical?Parasympathetic nervous system; acetylcholine(blank) is the neuron's ability to vary the frequency of generating action potentials in the muscle.Rate-coding or firing rateFor the first (blank) weeks of a training program, initial increases in muscular strength are due to neural adaptations4-6 weeksWhen the right atria contracts, blood passes through the one-way (blank) into the right ventricle.Tricuspid valveBlood flowing into the left ventricle is consideredOxygenated, arterial blood going into peripheral circulationThe greatest difference between an untrained and trained individual of the same age at rest are seen in what variables?SV, Q, BPElectrical impulses spread through the heart from theSA node, to the AV node, and then to the purkinje fibers.How does an increase in plasma volume increase ejection fraction?Increased PV → increased BV, VR, FSm → EDV Stretch of ventricles → force of contraction → increased SV = increased EFWhat occurs during inspiration (i.e. volume, pressure, muscles)?Increase in lung volume and intrathoracic volume Decrease in intrapulmonary pressure Flattening of the diaphragm Activation of SCM, Scalene, Pec minor, external intercostalsThe differences between PO2 in alveoli and blood (blank) and between blood and tissue (blank) provide a driving force for the diffusion of oxygen.65 mm Hg 60 mm HgWhich factor cause the Oxyhemoglobin Dissociation Curve to shift to the right when increased? What happens?-Acidity -Temperature -2,3 DPG Decreased affinity of hemoglobin for oxygen Increased oxygen deliver to tissuesIf intrapulmonary pressure is greater than atmospheric pressure (760 mm Hg), air will move out of the lungs causing (blank)Expiration(blank) stimulates FFA mobilization from adipose tissue and mobilizes amino acids for gluconeogenesis.CortisolWhich hormone stimulates cortisol production from the adrenal glands?Adrenocorticoid (ACTH)Name the 3 anabolic hormones that play a role in protein synthesis.GH, testosterone, IGF-IWhich hormone reduces water loss from the body to maintain plasma volume and is also called arginine vasopressin?Antidiretic hormone(blank) means a decrease in receptor number in response to a high concentration of a hormone, decreasing its sensitivity.Down regulationChronic high-intensity exercise training reduces (blank) resistance and increases its sensitivity.InsulinWhich hormones play a role in basal metabolic rate and macronutrient metabolism?Thyroid hormones: T3 & T4Dehydration and loss of electrolytes causes a drop in blood pressure, which signals the kidneys to release...Renin (enzyme)