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Joshua and Fall Holiday Test-Study Guide

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קומ עבר את ה'רדנ הזה
get up, cross that Jordan
חזק ואומץ
be strong, have courage
לשמר לעשות ככל התורה
to guard to do according to torah
כי עשיתי עמכם חסד
because I was kind to you
אות אמת
a true sign
ויבאו עד הירדנ
and they came to the Jordan
the camp
ארונ הברית
the ark of the covenant
שבע פעמים
seven times
קול השופר
the voice of rams horn
ותפל החומה תחתיה
and wall fell under her
missing the mark
bad deed
throw away
a group of prayers that deal w/forgiveness and repentance
כל נדרי
evening prayer, prayer "all my vows"
חתנ תורה
person who recites last allyiah
חתנ בראישית
person who recites first allyiah
the blessing before reading of torah
portion from prophets that reminds us of torah reading
portion of torah
Dancing w/torah
חול המועד
regular among holiday- aloud to work (days between holiday)
What were g-ds expectations of Joshua?
Responsible for: Division of land, Torah, and war
What did g-d promise Josh?
To be with him at all times, that the land he walked on was his, and that his people will follow him
How does josh compare to mosh?
Mosh is sun + josh is moon (moon can't light w/out sun), Mosh died at 110 + josh died at 120, No one talked to G-d like mosh did, Mosh was humble + Josh was loyal, Mosh led the people across the red sea, egypt, and the desert + Josh led people in war, into the land, and across the Jordan, Mosh + Josh both gave a speech before they died
Compare josh and mosh: spies....?
Mosh had 12 spies (1 from each tribe), Josh had 2 spies (2 that he trusted)
Compare josh and mosh: task of spies.....?
Josh spies sent to see HOW they could conquer the land, Mosh spies sent to see IF they could conquer the land
Information on Rachav...?
Hid caleb and pinchas, from Jericho, help get out of land, bad repute, repented, married Joshua, saved from war
Rachav's savior.....?
Instructions: dont leave house, tie red string to window, and do not tell anyone
Order of people when crossing river...?
Ark, Cohanim, people
Compare crossing of Red Sea to crossing Jordan....?
Jordan 1 wall of water + Red 2 walls of water, Jordan got up early and followed the ark + Red running away (from Egyptians), BOTH G-d was in situation, BOTH: Walk in before water split,Jordan ark was in water
Plan to conquer Jericho:
7 cohanim carried ark around city, 7 cohanim blow shofars, 7 Days once a day, on 7th day: screamed, wall fell down: killed everyone
Survivor of Jericho attack:
Rachav and family, because she followed the directions and saved the spies
Type of war (jericho)
Spiritual and Psychological
1st battle of Ai
1st: lost 36 or 1 person, sent in small amount, thought it would be easy to win but they were chased out
2nd battle of Ai
sent 40,000 troups to ambush: chased, set fire to city, kill everyone from Ai surrounded by Jews
Who was achan? role in battle...?
commited crime, reason we lost
What is cherem? Relation to story?
Spoils for g-d, achan stole it (lost 1st battle)
Rosh hashana and yom kippur...??
Both not about historical event, focused in syno
Teshuva steps
(0. Admit sin), 1. Apologize, 2. Fix it, 3. Apologize to G-d, 4. Try not to do it again
Rosh hashana and yom kippur in torah
afflict self, dates, no work, holy gathering, blow shofar
Names for sukkot:
hag hasif, hag hasukot, hachag, zeman shmatenu