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What treatments (comparisons) will we use to study the effect of light on photosynthesis? (Lab 7)
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What five stages of mitosis will you study today? (Lab 8)Interphase, prophase, metaphase, anaphase, and telephase.When a cell undergoes meiosis, how will the chromosomes of the resulting cells resemble those of the original cell in terms of number and kinds of chromosomes and similarity of genetic information? (Lab 8)Resulting cells resemble half of the chromosome, and no exact correspondence in similarity of genetic info as their parents.What is the chromosomal difference between haploid and diploid cells? (Lab 8)Haploid= Contain a single set of chromosomes; sex cells. Diploid= Contain two sets of homologous chromosomes; somatic cells.How many times are chromosomes replicated in meiosis? (Lab 8)Only one timeHow many times are chromosomes pulled to opposite poles in meiosis? (Lab 8)Only twiceWhat is crossing over? (Lab 8)The genetic recombination, exchange of genetic materials between 2 homologous chromosomes non-sister chromatids, which pair up to form recombinant chromosomes.Why are linked traits not inherited according to the principles of Mendelian genetics? (Lab 9)Linked genes move together as cells divide because they're closely located to eachother on the chromosome.In this lab you will use pieces of paper with a letter designated on each side. What does one piece of paper represent? (Lab 9)GentotypeWhat does one side of a piece of paper represent? (Lab 9)A single alleleWhat does shaking the paper bag and pouring the contents on the bench simulate? (Lab 9)Random nature fertilization.What is a dihybrid cross? (Lab 9)Cross between 2 organelles involving 2 traits.What is a dominant allele? (Lab 9)Can suppress the phenotype expression of other allele.What is a recessive allele? (Lab 9)It's phenotype is suppressed by the other allele.What does it mean if a gene is homozygous for a character? (Lab 9)Its when you have 2 of the same alleles for a given gene.What does it mean if a gene is heterozygous for a character? (Lab 9)2 different alleles for a given gene.From what organism will you isolate plasmid DNA? (Lab 10)Ecoli bacteriaWill the restriction enzymes that you use today to cut the plasmid randomly or at very specific sequences? (Lab 10)At specific sequences.If a restriction enzyme cuts a circular plasmid two times how many linear fragments will be generated? (Lab 10)TwoWhat is the purpose of the non-digested plasmid DNA sample? (Lab 10)Serve as a comparison of the cut DNA strands to the entire DNA sequence.What is the purpose of ethidium bromide? (Lab 10)It inserts itself between nitrogenous bases of DNA and to be florescent under UV light to see the length of DNA strand.Do the larger or smaller DNA fragments migrate through the electrophoresis gel faster? (Lab 10)Smaller.What is the purpose of the "spin column miniprep"? (Lab 10)Separate bacteria and pulls out plasmid.Why do you need to wear gloves and goggles when working with ethidium bromide (EtBr). You must specifically address why to earn full points. (Lab 10)Crosses the skin barrier easily; mutagen. It irritates eyes, etc.Provide a diagram of the Central Dogma. (Lab 11)DNA -transcription-> RNA -translation-> proteinsWhat is lac Z? (Lab 11)It catalyzes the cleavage of lactose to form glactose and glucose.When we add the molecule IPTG, what do we expect to happen to lac Z? (Lab 11)We expect Lac Z to be expressed.When we add the molecule IPTG, what change occurs in the diagram in Figure 2? (Lab 11)It deactivates the repressor to allow for gene expression.What is the purpose of adding ONPG? (Lab 11)To color-metrically measure enzyme activity by the appearance rate of yellow.What variable are we measuring in lab to monitor gene expression? (Lab 11)Yellow dye from ONPG.If a yellow color does not appear in our experiment, what would you conclude? (Lab 11)No active lactose to remove the oppressor, gene couldn't be expressed.What molecule does β-galactosidase act on in our experiment to produce a colored product? (Lab 11)ONPGIn a living organism what 2 monosaccharides are produced when β-galactosidase is cleaved? (Lab 11)Glucose and galactose.What does the dideoxy chain termination method help us to learn? (Lab 12)To determine the complete nucleotide sequence using machines that carry out sequencing RXs and separate labeled RXs products by length.What is the purpose of the fluorescent dideoxyribonucleotides used in the dideoxy chain termination method of DNA sequencing? (Lab 12)It terminates the extension of primer and labels the fragments.What does an electropherogram display? (Lab 12)Results from an analysis done by electrophoresis automatic sequencing.What font are you instructed to use to record the sequences of DNA from the 6 Neanderthal individuals? (Lab 12)CourierWhat is an open reading frame? (Lab 12)A long string of consecutive condons that are not stop condons.How would DNA sequence information provide information on evolutionary relationships? (Lab 12)By direct comparison of genome sequences, displaying evolutionary relationship between individuals.What web browser should you use when searching for open reading frames in Part 5? (Lab 12)Firefox.