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Angeline is deaf. To adhere with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) how can technology help her compete in a hearing world?
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Jane volunteers at an orphanage called "We Are One" and is developing a website to seek financial assistance. Which server address should she use?www.weareone.orgWhich of the following does a secure website use to safeguard transmitted information?EncryptionRonald maintains a website that focuses on travel-related information. He gathers adventure posts from various travel blogs and shares them to his site. What type of a website does Ronald maintain?Content aggregator siteWhich type of website would allow Evan, an avid traveler, to share photos and videos with his friends?A social networking websiteJodi is travelling to San Francisco for a conference. She has stored her PowerPoint slides on Microsoft's web app. What could be of concern to her while presenting her slides?A poor internet connectionBrendon wants to volunteer at the Red Cross, a nonprofit agency. He enters redcross.com in his browser, but cannot find the right website. What mistake is he making?He should enter redcross.org because Red Cross is a nonprofit organization.Mateo is designing a technical diagram that many textbook publishers can use, and he wants to make sure he retains the rights to the diagram before selling it. At what stage does a copyright for his creative work come into effect?As soon as the image exists in physical formBentley is the head of a software development team and needs to use a web app for project management. Which of the following web apps best suits his needs?TrelloLionel wants to find images of colonies of Emperor penguins to use for a school project. Which of the following phrases should he use as the search query to find the results he needs?Emperor penguin colonyEasyMart (EM) has a physical store and an online shopping site and is coming up with deals on retail products for the week of Christmas. As a marketing consultant at EM, which of the following tactics would you recommend to achieve the highest sales?Issue digital coupons for discounts on all productsWhat type of hard drive has no moving parts, making it fast and durable?solid state driveWhere on a computer is the operating system generally stored?Internal hard driveJennifer turns on her laptop and hears a series of beeps. What do they probably indicate?internal hardware problemWhat should you do if a headset plugged into your computer is not working properly?Update the device driver.If you press the key corresponding to letter A on the keyboard, what process is carried out inside the CPU to display the letter on the screen?'A' is converted to binary code, which the CPU processes. The computer then converts the code back 'A' for display.Which of the following is a game controller that is held with both hands and used to control movement of on-screen objects by pressing buttons and moving hardware components?GamepadJack needs a convenient way to browse the Internet, read emails, and store basic data when he travels. Which of the following would be the best option for him?tabletWhat is the binary system?a number system with two digits, 0 and 1What device do e-learning applications usually use to help users with visual impairment read digital content?Voice synthesizerWhich of the following refers to a condition in which the CPU performs well but the bus speed is slow?BottleneckingWhich of the following is NOT a responsible way to dispose of an old smartphone after removing your data from the device?Remove the battery and throw it in the trash.Hunter has dyslexia and struggles to understand text when he reads it to himself. It seems assigned class readings always make more sense when someone else reads them to him. What tool can help Hunter study more independently?Screen readerDuring a regional state of emergency, an Internet service provider offered three months of free Internet access to anyone affected by the crisis. This effort was intended to help reduce the impact of ___________.the digital divideLaney just bought a new smartphone. She's already downloaded her contacts information and other data from the cloud. Now she's copying her photos from her old phone onto the new device. Once her new phone has all her data, what should she do next with the old phone?Reset the old phone to factory settings.Marley stayed up late to watch the planet Mars rise in the east. She had read online that Mars was unusually close to the Earth in its orbit and would look nearly as large as the moon. However, she only saw stars, and the next morning she ended up oversleeping because of her late bedtime. Marley was the victim of __________.a hoaxEdward shares a blog post on social media that says the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has changed their recommendation for flu shots. He is quickly bombarded by other people saying his information is wrong. What did Edward fail to do?Verify the content with an authoritative source.Kristy just received a laptop from her employer so she can work from home. She wonders if she can also use the laptop for personal activity, such as streaming movies. What documentation should Kristy check to find the answer to her question?Acceptable use policy (AUP)Francis closely monitors customer reviews on Google for his landscaping business. Most customers post high praise for his work; however, today he discovered an extremely negative review posted by someone claiming the name "Superman." Clearly, this is a fake name, and Francis has no way of following up with the person to determine what he can do to resolve the problem or even to know if it's a real customer. This is an example of __________.catfishingJason is reading a novel for school on his e-reader. He tries to print a portion of the novel so he can share it with a classmate who lost her copy. However, the e-reader will not allow the book to be printed. What content protection measure is preventing Jason from printing?Digital rights management (DRM)When Hafsa writes a research paper for her psychology class, ________________ allow(s) her to quote small portions of a research study published by an industry leading expert without asking his permission first.the fair use doctrineHow can an attacker execute malware through a script?A script can run a series of instructions to download and run malware.Siobhan has recently opened a Facebook account and as a new user, is posting frequently and accepting many friend requests. You see a post about an upcoming trip and notice that her profile is open to the public. What can you tell Siobhan to help her use social networking safely?Be cautious about what information she posts.Which of the following statements about browser security settings is false?You must keep your accumulated web history as long as you use the browser.What would a password manager allow you to do?Create and store multiple strong passwords.Which of the following is a characteristic of a strong password?letters, numbers, and symbolsHow will you decide which browser security settings to allow and which ones to block?I will need to review each browser security setting and use my best judgement.How can you protect personal information gathered by legitimate organizations?Create a separate email account for receiving information from websites.You can monitor and protect your financial data in all of the following ways EXCEPT _____.Querying unfamiliar purchases found on your bank statements.Which is a first step to deter thieves from accessing your financial information?Do not provide personal information over the phone or through email.Marcus recently had his cell phone stolen. All of the following are security features that should help him locate his stolen phone EXCEPT which one?He can use remote tracking to retrace the thief's steps.You are dropping your friend back home after a night at the movies. From the car, she turns on the indoor lights in her home using an app on her phone. How is your friend able to do this?She has a home network with smart home devices.Alex received an email from what appeared to be his bank. What would indicate the message was actually a phishing attempt?It contained typos and other grammatical errors.Which of the following is an example of a personal area network?smartwatch and phone connected via BluetoothWhich of the following is a disadvantage of using cloud computing to share files?The inability to access your files if you lose your Internet connection.What is an ISP?A telecommunications company that sells Internet access.A modem can also function as what other piece of hardware?A routerWhat is the U.S. Federal Communication Commission's role in regard to Internet access?To release rules surrounding Internet accessWhat hardware is essential to creating a home Wi-Fi network?RouterWhat is one way hackers can trick you into transmitting personal data over on a public network without your knowledge?They disguise the network as an evil twin.Which of the following network standards applies to cellular networks?LTE