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Characteristic of a much earlier or primitive time; out of date


An original model or type from which similar forms are copied


A group of many islands or the sea containing them; a group of separate entities contained within a defined area


The collected records of an organization, institution, or public person


Absence of any form of government or political authority; lawlessness; disorder and confusion


Gorvernment by the few, especially a faction of persons or families


A leader or agitator who appeals to people's passions and prejudices rather than to their reason


One who studies the characteristics of populations and analyzes data such as numbers, births, deaths, diseases, etc.


Commonly found in a particular region or among a particular people


Spread throughout a wide geographic area; worldwide


Liking companionship; sociable; tending to live or move in groups of one's own kind


A large group or collection of people, animals, or things


Extraordinarily bad; flagrant


An image, representation, or symbol; a representation or picture of a sacred person or event; a person greatly admired for a particular talent, quality, or service


Breaking or destroying images (in Eastern Orthodox churches); attacking or overthrowing tradition or popular ideas, institutions, or conventions

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