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  1. 18. Why might a musical keyboard have two MIDI ports?
  2. 3. What type of adapter card allows you to watch TV using your computer?
  3. 12. Which costs more, a CD-R or a CD-RW disc?
  4. 1. Which speaker port should you use when connecting a single speaker to a PC?
  5. 17. What are the group of standards that represent music in digital form?
  1. a CD-RW.
  2. b If you are using a single speaker or two speakers with a single sound cable, connect the cable to the green sound port on the motherboard, which is usually the middle port.
  3. c One port for input, one port for output.
    A midi port can do one or the other, not both at the same time.
  4. d PCI TV Tuner card, generally known as Internal TV Tuner Card.
  5. e Midi.

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  1. Blue laser beam.
  2. MP3.
  3. 50GB.
  4. To change the CD/DVD burn rate in Vista, open Windows Media Player, click on the down-arrow under burn and select "More Burn Options" from the drop-down menu. In the Options box that appears, click the Burn tab and then select the new burn rate.
  5. 17GB.

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  1. 15. Which type of removable storage device can only access its data sequentially and not randomly?TIFF's.


  2. 14. What type flash memory card looks the same and is interchangeable with a MicroSD card?Transflash.


  3. 10. How much data can a double-sided, single-layer BD hold?50GB.


  4. 16. Which type of image file format typically produces a larger file size, a JPEG file or a TIFF file?TIFF's.


  5. 13. Which type of flash memory card is currently the smallest type card and the most popular?Micro SDH Card.