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  1. 15. Which type of removable storage device can only access its data sequentially and not randomly?
  2. 1. Which speaker port should you use when connecting a single speaker to a PC?
  3. 4. What type of file system is used by Blu-ray discs?
  4. 20. What Windows Vista utility is used to change the burn speed for CDs and DVDs?
  5. 13. Which type of flash memory card is currently the smallest type card and the most popular?
  1. a Micro SDH Card.
  2. b To change the CD/DVD burn rate in Vista, open Windows Media Player, click on the down-arrow under burn and select "More Burn Options" from the drop-down menu. In the Options box that appears, click the Burn tab and then select the new burn rate.
  3. c Tape Drives. The biggest disadvantage of using tape drives is that data is stored on tape by sequential access; to read data from anywhere on the tape, you must start at the beginning of the tape and read until you come to the sought-after data.
  4. d UDF version 2.5 file system.
  5. e If you are using a single speaker or two speakers with a single sound cable, connect the cable to the green sound port on the motherboard, which is usually the middle port.

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  1. USB media reader or USB card reader.
  2. PCI TV Tuner card, generally known as Internal TV Tuner Card.
  3. MP3.
  4. 50GB.
  5. Transflash.

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  1. 17. What are the group of standards that represent music in digital form?Midi.


  2. 7. How much data can a double-sided, double-layer DVD hold?17GB.


  3. 10. How much data can a double-sided, single-layer BD hold?50GB.


  4. 6. How much data can a CD hold?50GB.


  5. 12. Which costs more, a CD-R or a CD-RW disc?120 mm (5 inches) : 700MB/80 minutes


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