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1. Which is faster, an eSATA port or a FireWire 800 port?
eSATA port
2. What is the speed for Hi-Speed USB?
480 MBPS
3. How many times faster is a Hi-Speed USB port than an Original USB port running at 12 Mbps?
A Hi-Speed USB port is 40 times faster than Original USB port running at 12 Mbps.
4. How many times faster is a FireWire 800 port than a FireWire 400 port?
2x faster.
5. Which USB port is square and which USB port is flat and wide?
The A-Male connector is flat and wide, and the B-Male is square.
6. Does Windows XP without any service packs applied support Hi-Speed USB?
7. How many pins does a FireWire 800 port have?
9 pins.
8. Which parallel port standard uses a DMA channel?
Extended Capabilities Port (ECP) Mode.
9. How many pins does the most common type of serial port have?
9 pins.
10. What type of wireless transmission requires a line of sight clearance?
Infrared Wireless.
11. Which is better for your eyes, a monitor that supports 75 Hz refresh rate or one that supports 60 Hz refresh rate?
75 Hz.
12. For an LCD monitor, what is the best resolution to use?
Native Resolution.
13. Which type port gives the best output, a composite out port or an S-Video port?
14. What command do you use to find out what version of DirectX your video card is using?
15. Name three type ports a keyboard might use.
USB, PS/2 and Din 5 pin.
16. What two types of ports might a touch screen use?
USB or Serial Cable.
17. Which Windows utility is most likely the one to use when uninstalling an expansion card?
Device manager.
18. Would you expect all the devices listed in BIOS setup to also be listed in Device Manager? Would you expect all devices listed in Device Manager to also be listed in BIOS setup?
Yes, no.
19. If ECP mode does not work on your parallel port, what should you do next?
Try EPP Mode.
20. Why is it best to leave a slot empty between two expansion cards?
One reason is to allow cooling air to get between the cards. Many people who think they know computers have used every expansion card slot they have and cooked the computer so, to help prevent them from overheating.
21. What two technologies allow you to use more than one video card in a system?
For extreme graphics performance, you can use SLI or CrossFire to install two or more video cards in a system.
22. If you are installing Windows on a hard drive that is managed by a RAID storage controller card, when and how do you install the RAID drivers?
Read the documentation to find out which folder on the CD contains these files. The card drivers must be installed during the Windows installation. You are given an opportunity at the beginning of the Windows installation to provide the drivers on floppy disk or a USB device. (F6)
23. If a monitor displays wrong characters, which device is likely to be the problem?
The Video Card.
24. What is the display resolution for standard VGA settings?
25. What key do you press at startup to display the Vista Advanced Boot Options window?