18 terms

Indian Removal

The Others
The enemy
Eaters of raw meat
Native Americans would call themselves or refer to themselves as this in English.
The People
Daughter of Powhatan. Helped mediate between the colonists and Native Americans.
John Rolfe
Pochontas's husband, First interracial marriage.
Invented the first written language of the Native Americans
leader of Seneca, wrote to Quakers in Philadelphia and asked for money, so he could provide his people with the skills to be more American.
Roger Williams
Fought against the way the Native Americans were treated. He felt that the Indians were by birth and blood equal to the white people.
Five ways the Native Americans tried to assimilate to the Colonists culture.
Wore colonists clothes, worked colonists jobs, built homes, created a written language. They thought this would save them from being removed from their land.
President Polk believed that their country should spread from sea to shining sea. What was this called. Move west.
Manifest Destiny
Untouched land to the last
John Ross
Chief of the Cherokee during the 1840s. He was 3/4 Scottish and 1/4 Cherokee.
What were the terms of the treaty of New Echota
Removal of the Cherokee from their land. Final Treaty
What was the destination or end point of the trail tears.
Indian Territory / Oklahoma
Rockies/ Great Basin - Adapted - Hunted, Ate Buffalo, Used Buffalo for clothing
Southeast - few clothes, fish
Southwest - used stone for tools and, made an irrigation system.