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What is the difference between Anaerobic respiration and Aerobic respiration?
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A student in a laboratory puts 5 mm of bread dough into a test tube and then places the test tube in an incubator at 37*C. The bread dough contains flour, water, sugar, and yeast. After 20 minutes, the dough in the test tube has risen to 10 mm. What is the gas that is responsible for the increase in dough ffeight?
Diagram a cell and label the organelles where glucose gets broken down.LOOK AT DIAGRAM IN PHOTOSTo maximize ATP production, glycolysis must be followed by what?Krebs CycleThe molecule necessary to begin the Kreb's cycle is——————— and it is a product of———————-1. Pyruvic Acid 2. GlycosisThe first step of cellular refpiration is known as _ ________and this process does not require any__________________1. Glycosis 2. OxygenThe chemical reactions of photosynthesis and cellular respiration are similar except the_________________ of one process are the __________ of the other process.1. Reactants 2. ProductsWhat are the products for lactic acid fermentation?2 Lactic Acid and 2 NAD+How many ATP are produced during the Krebs cycle?2 ATPHow do we rid our bodies of carbon dioxide?exhaling itWhat is the name of the Monosaccharide that begins cellular respiration?glucoseWhat are the two possible pathways after glycolysis?anaerobic and aerobic