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Diesel Engine GeneratorsSizes vary from about 2.5 kW to several MW.Gas Engine Generatorsmay be furnished for installations up to about 100 kW output.Gas Engine GeneratorsThey start rapidly and are low in initial costGas Engine GeneratorsDisadvantages include a higher operating cost, a greater hazard due to the storing and handling of gasoline, short storage life of the fuel, and generally a lower mean-time between overhaul.Gas Engine GeneratorsThe short fuel storage life restricts engines' use for emergency standby.Natural gas and liquid petroleum (LP)gas engines rank with gasoline engines in cost and are available up to about 600 kW and higher.Power Failure Detectiona warning signal such as a light, bell, horn or siren is triggered. lt is advisable to use a nation of lights and an audible device to allow you to both see and hear the warning.power failure warning systemshould be installed so that it warns not only of a total power outage but also indicates if critical fuses have been blown within the facility.CONNECTIONThe National Electric Code requires that a standby generator be connected to a wiring system in a way which permits no chance for connection to the normal power line. To prevent connection of the two systems, a double throw, double pole transfer switch must be used.CAPACITYrated at their continuous output capacity while others are rated at their surge or overload capacity.CAPACITYthe length of time the overload or surge can be applied and its effect on the output voltage may vary between generator models.Manually operated generatoralso know as hand crank generatorManually operated generatora power source that must be manually operated to produce electricity.Manually operated generatorInstead of gasoline, steam, or falling water, the coils are turned by you. When you turn the crank on the side of the generator, the coils move around the magnet and generate current.Manually operated generator (Advantages)Cost-Effective Emergency BackupManually operated generator (Disadvantages)Noise, Exhaust and Heat Limited used Manual startAutomatically Operated GeneratorA standby generator has a switch that connects to the building or farms and controls if the home uses the power grid or the generator as the power source.Automatically Operated GeneratorUtility Power Goes Out The automatic standby generator sense an issue The generator powers on Automatically Electricity is Restored When no loner needed, it will power itselfFarm generators for Agricultural purposesUninterrupted electrical supply is very essential. Continuous electrical power is mandatory, and backup generators ensure the agricultural business stays up and running during power outages.Automation needs in AgricultureIn industrial Revolution, farm mechanization allowed increased yields with less human effort.Automation needs in AgricultureThe key to successful electric farm automation is to make sure the power supply is dependable.Automation needs in AgricultureReliable electricity helped develop automated agricultural equipment to increase productivity and profits.THE RISKS FARMS FACE WITH POWER OUTAGESThe farming industry depends on an immense electrical power supply. Nearly every farming and agricultural business uses automated systems to keep production running.THE RISKS FARMS FACE WITH POWER OUTAGESshort-term electrical outages can have devastating effects on livestock and crop survivalTHE RISKS FARMS FACE WITH POWER OUTAGESa back up generator lets you continue regular operations during power outages.Standby systemsalso known as "back-up generators,"Standby systemsare installed to provide a secondary source of electricity during power outages.automatic transfer switchsafely transfer power from the utility line to your generator and visa-versa.automatic transfer switchthe generator will take over power as soon as local power lines go out.Transfer Switchesused to supply power to an electrical circuit from multiple sources.small portable back- up generatorThe only type of generator that does not require a transfer switchTransfer SwitchesIt is illegal to "back-feed," a process in which electrical wiring is attached directly to the building's electrical wiring without the use of a transfer switch.Manual transfer switchesare more affordable and simplistic.Automatic transfer switchesare costlier, but they offer advanced technology that's well worth it.