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  1. onomatopoeia
  2. flashback
  3. mood
  4. antagonist
  5. rhyme scheme
  1. a Patterns of rhymes in a poem.
  2. b The character's attitude and emotions.
  3. c The sudden moment when memories come back to a character.
  4. d The villain of the story.
  5. e words that describe what they sound like.

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  1. The idea about life revealed in a work of literature.
  2. Speech between characters.
  3. A short piece of writing usually told by the author.
  4. The hero or usually main character of the story.
  5. A figure of speech that refers to a well-known object or thing.

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  1. personificationGiving something human-like features.


  2. descriptionThe kinds of writing that creates a clear image of something, usually by using details that appeal to one or more of our senses.


  3. metaphorLike a simile, though it doesn't use like or as.


  4. point of viewThe rhyme that occurs at the end of the rhyme.


  5. rhymeThe idea about life revealed in a work of literature.