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political socialization

-acquire public opinion

Friedrich engels

american workers lacked sufficient class consciousness

political culture

the characteristic and deep-seated beliefs of a particular people about government and politics

accuracy of opinion poll

size of sample and whether selected by population instead of random


-only a minority of americans

party identification

emotional attachment to political party

bradley effect


sample error

expressed by accuracy of poll

2/3 adults

call themselves republicans or democrats


not in U.S

liberals and populists

favor gov activism in economic realm

major upheaval

dramatic change in party identification

walter lippmann suggested

gov cannot be run by politicians based on public opinions

religious right

The most powerful religious force in contemporary American society


in a test of "civic literacy" conducted in 2007, the average college senior scored a grade of this


A properly drawn sample of one thousand individuals has a sampling error of roughly plus or minus 3 percent


lack of interest in politics

war in iraq

caused most young americans to go vote

political protests

planned events

55 %

Since the 1960s, the level of turnout in presidential elections has averaged 55 percent

one's parents

Civic duty and apathy are attitudes that are usually acquired from

social movement

A sustained action by citizens disenchanted with government to express their opposition and work to bring about the change they seek

The frequency of elections in the United States reduces voter turnout by

increasing the person effort needed to participate in elections

larry bartels Unequal democracy

elected officials are substantially more responsive to the concerns of their more affluent constituents than to those of their poorer constituents

working class voters

Most European parties on the political left tend to appeal mainly to them


Ticket splitting was most prominent during which decade?

bull moose

n 1912, a candidate for which minor party managed to earn more votes than one of his major party opponents

state chairperson

Regarding state party organizations, the day-to-day operation is usually the responsibility of the

direct primary

greatest blow to the organizational strengths of U.S parties

issue of slavery

gave birth to the REPUBLICAN party as a major political party

closed primaries

most state conduct these

prospective voting


national party organizations

dictate the day-to-day decisions of neither local or state party organizations

single member election districts

The major reason for the persistence of the American two-party system

george washington

warned americans of the baneful effects of factions(political parties) in his 1797 farewell address

watergate scandal

power of media as watchdog

news media's common carrier role

press should provide channel

american press

political to journalistic orientation


the process of selecting certain aspects of reality and making them the most salient part of the communication, thereby conveying a particular interpretation of a situation.



rose garden strategy

controlling communications

sept 11th attack

internet affected watchdog capacity
(expanded it )

gov dictates what is reported

One of the reasons the reporting of national news is relatively uniform among news sources is that


on both radio and tv, most successful partisan talk shows are this

high speed rotary press

The technological change that brought about the decline of the partisan press

yellow journalism

sensationalism as a way of selling newspapers

license of broadcasting

based on scarcity of broadcasting frequencies


receives most news coverage from national press

more than 20%

of state legislators are women

legislative work of congress

performed by the standing committees and their subcommittees with jurisdiction over particular policy areas

closed rule

rules committee applies this then no amendment will be permitted

professional politicans who want to stay in congress

The modern Congress is different from the nineteenth century Congress in that most members


of PAC contributions go to incumbents

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