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One Dollar Bill
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EqualExactly the same in value or sizeEqual sharesPartition a shape into equal partsEquationMathematical expression where one part is equal to the other partEvenAn even number of objects can be group into pairsExpanded formShows the value of each digitFacesPlace figure that serves as one side of a solid figureFeet (ft.)Standard unit of length equal to 12 inchesFourthOne of four equal partsGreater thanMore thanHalf-hourUnit of time equal to 30 minutesHalfWhole that has been separated into 2 equal parts. Also known as half ofHexagonFigure with six sidesHourUnit of time equal to 60 minutesHundredsGroup of ten tensInch (in)Standard unit of measurement used to measure length or distanceKilogram (kg)Metric unit of mass equal to 1000 gramsLess thanWhen a number is smaller than the other numberLine plotShows data on a number line with x to show frequencyMeter (m)Measure used for length an distance equal to 100 centimeter

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