Bienvenue Ch4 irregular adj

32 terms by schan

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BAGS are adjectives that come before the noun in French. These 3 BAGS (new, beautiful, old) are particularly difficile because they are so irregular.

Handsome (m.s.)


handsome (m.s before vowel sound)


beautiful (f.s.)


handsome (all


beautiful (all f. pl)


new (m.s.)


new (m.s. before vowel sound)


new (f.s.)


new (all


new (all f. pl)


old (m.s.)


old (m.s. before vowel sound)


old (f.s.)


old (all


old (all


an old house

une vieille maison

an old appartment

un vieil appartement

an old building

un vieil immeuble

some old buildings

de vieux immeubles

some new toilets

de nouvelles toilettes

the beautiful toilets

les belles toilettes

the old kitchen

la vieille cuisine

the new bedroom

la nouvelle chambre

the beautiful car

la belle voiture

some beautiful cars

de belles voitures

a new neighbor (m)

un nouveau voisin

a handsome neighbor (m)

un beau voisin

an old living room

une vieille salle de séjour

a beautiful dining room

une belle salle à manger

a new entrance

une nouvelle entrée

some beautiful entrances

de belles entrées

an old garage

un vieux garage

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