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Family Issues

How much freedom should people have in making decisions about their families? What is your definition of a family? What makes a good family? What are some do's and don'ts when raising children? What is a typical family like in your culture? What most surprised you about families in the U.S.?

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They ____________ a baby. = taking someone else's child into your home and legally become its parent
care for
It is important to ____________ the elderly. = to look after someone who is not able to look after themselves
They are not ____________ related. =a child's parent through birth, rather than through adoption
single mother
She is a ____________. = has one or more children but is raising them on her own.
live together
Many Americans ________ before they get married. = when two people are in a relationship, not married, but live in the same house
How many ________ do you have? = brothers or sisters
People brought their ________ to the company party. = husband or wife
He was _________ by his grandmother. = taking care of sb as they grow up/become an adult
artificial insemination
She got pregnant through ___________. = the medical process of making a woman pregnant without sex
My __________ is very nice. = wife's or husband's mother
My _________ is a great guy. = wife's or husband's father
They are __________. = a married couple is not living together but they are still married by law
on my father's side
My grandmother __________ was from Poland. = relatives that are connected to my father.
She is a _______. = a woman whose husband died
He is a ________. = a man whose wife has died
passed away
His grandmother _________ last week. = a more polite way to say someone died
get along
I __________ well with my brothers.= to have a friendly relationship with someone.
extended family
He has a big __________. = family members besides parents and brothers and sisters
nuclear family
The _________ is the traditional image of a family. = a family with a mother, father, and children
He didn't like his ________. = a woman who is married to your father but who is not your mother
He brought his ________ to the party. = a word used to describe a husband or wife. Often used with gay couples
They are not __________ married. = by law
invitro fertilization
The couple needed to use _________ to get pregnant. = a process in which the egg and sperm are connected outside the woman's body
She wanted to have a baby but wasn't married so she went to a _______ bank. = the cells that a man makes and which connect with a woman's egg to make a baby
be close to someone
He is very _______ to his parents.= when people like or love each other a lot
grow apart
Sometimes people ________. = when two people's relationship/connection become weaker.
She wasn't able to ____________. = when a baby is first made
Some couple have _________ problems. = the ability to have a baby/get pregnant
domestic violence
__________ is a big problem in the U.S. = when family members hurt each other
Sometimes the government will __________ a child from their family if there is a safety issue. = take away
She got __________ when she was just 16. = when a woman is going to have a baby.
He pays __________ every month. = money that a court orders someone to pay regularly to their former wife or husband after their marriage has ended
They got __________ a few years ago. = when a couple ends a marriage
The mother often gets __________ of the children after a divorce. = he right to take care of a child, given to one of their parents when they have gotten divorced
Sometimes a woman can be the main __________ in a family. = the person who earns a lot of money in a family
Sometimes families have to live __________ if one person has a job far away. = not together
bring up
Sometimes grandparents will __________ the children if the parents can't. = take care of/raise
In the last fifty years, the __________ of women in the family has changed a lot. = the way in which someone is involved in an activity or society
His family is quite __________ in many ways. = similar to most others
She was quite young when she got pregnant and decided to have an __________. = a medical procedure to end a pregnancy
He was physically and emotionally __________. = treating someone in a cruel or violent way; hurt
In many cultures, it is very important to __________ one's elders. = to admire someone and treat them well
birth control
They didn't want to get pregnant, so they used __________. = things people use so they can have sex without getting pregnant
run away
Some children __________ from home if there are problems in their families. = escape from a place, usually that you don't like
black sheep
He was kind of the __________ of the family. = a person that other members of the family see as a failure or embarrassment
takes after
She __________ her father in many ways. = is similar to
settle down
They decided to __________ in Pleasant Hill. = live somewhere for a long time; make a place their home
leave the nest
The kids were ready to __________. = when children go to live on their own away from their parents
a silver spoon in her mouth
She was born with __________. = when a child is born into a rich family and is given everything
empty nesters
Both of their kids are off to college, so now they are __________. = parents whose children have left home.
My parents main _____________ is my health. = feeling of worry about something important.
They __________ themselves to be a family. = think or believe something is true
Recently, same-sex couples have gotten the ________ marry in many states in the U.S. = something that you are morally, legally, or officially allowed to do or have:
They wanted their marriage _________ by the government. = to be officially accepted that an organization, government, document etc has legal or official authority
They wanted to do a _______ test. =the fact of being the father of a particular child, or the question of who the child's father is:
maternity leave
In the U.S. women usually do not get a long _________. = time off after a woman has had a baby
retirement home
They want to move their grandmother into a _________. = a place where elderly people can live and get extra care
China has a one-child _____. = a way of doing something that has been officially agreed upon by a government or organization
They were charged with child _______. = failure to look after something or someone
_______ is allowed in some countries. = the practice of having more than one husband or wife at the same time