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men forcibly castrated before puberty to preserve immaturity

- male presenting intersex person, men deliberately castrate themselves
- sometimes religious reasons, punishment for adultery
- galli= eunuch priests
- eunuch slaves= seen as a status symbol, expensive to buy, emphasize their beauty, expected to provide sexual services
slur, man who actively seeks out penetration by another man

- suggests effeminacy, men who don't display normal sexual violence
- characteristics: physical softness, effeminacy in appearance and movement, love of luxury, sway of hips, higher voice
- Roman worried that this man might hide by pretending to be a real man
physical representation of a divine phallus

- male force
- used for protection against evils
- "good luck" penis
- amulets, rings, hanging in their homes, lamps, carvings, paintings, wind chimes, temples, carved into walls/concrete
- simple representation, winged, feel/tail of a lion, combined with fist
- praise of masculinity, male perfection
- matrons: not supposed to look at them, poses an inconvenience because they are everywhere