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Pharmacology: Metabolism

what is any chemical alteration of a drug by the body?
enzyme systems
what does biotransformation occur through?
change in drug activity, drugs become water soluable
what are two outcomes of BT?
bound drugs are not available to enzymes
how does plasma protein binding affect BT?
bound to fat, and are not available to enzymes
how does tissue protein binding affect BT?
fewer enzymes cant inactivate the drug
how does liver disease affect BT?
no energy to make enzymes
hoe does poor nutrition affect BT?
slows rate
how does hypothermia affect BT?
neonates systems are immature, geriatrics systems are broken down
how does age affect BT?
males metabolize faster
how does sex affect BT?
what species are sensitive to drugs?
glucuronyl transferase
what enzyme in the liver makes drugs water soluable for excretion?
potassium citrate
if cats are overdosed with asprin how do you alkalinize the urine?
makes it ionize the urine so it will excrete
what does the potassium citrate do to the asprin?
stimulate MFO system and increase rate of BT
what do enzyme inducers do to BT?
increase it
what do barbiturates do to BT?
how much asprin should the normal human on an asprin regimen take?