Adaptive behavior consists of
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Environmental influencescan affect a pregnant woman and affect development of the fetuslearned helplessnesstendency to give up and expect the worst because they think that no matter how hard they try, they will failself-determinationthe ability to act autonomously, be self regulated, act in a psychologically empowered manner and act in a self-realized mannerlearn fasterresearch has shown that students who are positively reinforced for correct response...learning disabilitya compromise because of the confusing variety of labels in use to describe the child with relatively normal intelligence who was having learning problemsdyslexicdisability that has anything to deal with readingachievement ability discrepancythe comparison between scores on standardized intelligence and achievement testsRTIfederally performed way of identifying learning disabilities contained in the re authorizationachievement ability discrepancy and rtitwo identificationseffectiveness of RTIlittle research evidence exists regarding thejust under 5% of children between ages of 6 and 17Prevalence of learning disabilities in public schoolsTrueLearning disabilities can be inheritieda learning disability does not existIf an academic problem does not existwords are made up of soundsChildren with phonemic awareness understand thatpragmaticsthe social uses of languageperservationthe tendency to repeat the same behaviors over and over againdeficits in behavioral inhibition instead of inattentionprimary deficit in ADHDmedical examination, clinical interview, teacher and parent rating skills, and behavioral observationFour major components to assessing ADHDother health impaired (OHI)students with adhd would be eligible for special education under the categoryprefrontal lobesresponsible for executive functions