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The two subsystems for disseminating aeronautical information or
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What are two types of radar jammingpassive and activeWhich is not a component of a primary radar systeminterrogatorWhich radar feature reduce or eliminate that goes from precipitationCircular polarizationWhat causes anomalous propagation clutter on primary radar systemsMoisture in the air bending the radar signalWhat causes temperature inversion clutter on primary radar systemsWarm air over cool air deflecting the radar signalSecondary radar interference caused by a transponder replying excessively is called _______.Ring aroundWhich of the following is an advantage of a secondary radar systemRadar responses are not degraded by weather or ground clutter.The primary radar clutter caused by dropping large amounts of shredded foil is called ________ jamming.passiveHolding an aircraft is not used forposition reliefThe minimum vertical separation required for aircraft above FL600 is ____ feet5,000The minimum vertical separation for IFR flight at and below FL410 is ____ feet1,000Aircraft that are not equipped with the required vertical navigation avionics must be separated by ____feet As they climb or descend through RVSM altitudes2,000To clear aircraft to hold over different fixes at the same attitude, you must ensure that allHolding pattern airspace areas do not overlapWhat type of separation is defined as the spacing of aircraft at the same altitude by a minimum distance expressed in units of time or mileslongitudinalStandard radar separation provided by an en route facility between two aircraft at FL270 is ______ miles.5Terminal radar separation minima require that went to aircraft are less than 40 miles from the antenna, ____ separation is required; when two aircraft are 40 miles or more from the antenna,____ Separation is required3 miles; 5 milesControllers may use visual separationUp to but not including FL180Runway separation is applied by ________ controllers.Air Traffic Control Tower (ATCT)With suitable landmarks to determine distances, separate a category I aircraft departing behind a category III by6,000 feet