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Simulations: Exam 4 Lab Exam

Contraction phase of muscle twitch
Sarcomeres are shortening and force increase
lactic acid build up
occurs during prolonged muscle contraction
latent period of muscle twitch
includes all biochemical events from acetylcholine binding to receptors in sarcolemma through crossbridge formation
motor unit
Recruitment of these results in contractions of increasing force
Relaxation phase of muscle twitch
Cross-bridge disconnect and sarcomeres return to original length
Sarcoplasmic reticulum
structure activated by t-tuble depolarization to release ionic calcium
an extreme form of wave summation results in a steady, sustained contraction
muscle contraction results in a staircase shaped myogram (recording of the contraction)
molecule responsible for unblocking myosin-binding sites
Wave summation
Achieved by increased rate of nervous system stimulation