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an agent for the father of the woman he wants to marry
Who is the speaker talking to in My Last Duchess?
a portrait of his last wife
What is the subject of the speaker's monologue in My Last Duchess?
When you compare the following two lines, what do the speakers have in common?
I gave commands;
Then all smiles stopped together.

Escape me?
the speaker addresses a silent listener
How do you know My last Duchess is a dramatic monologue?
to be in love means to pursue your beloved
What is the main idea of Life in a Love?
she does not care for him
Based on the description of the woman whom the speaker loves in Life in a Love, how do her feelings compare to his?
In what ways do I love you?
What question does the speaker answer in Sonnet 43?
Which vocabulary word correctly completes this sentence?
The king's expensive gifts were proof of his ___.
His officious smile assured her that his love would last.
Which sentence incorrectly uses the italicized vocabulary word?
Some poets try to write just like Browning did.
In which sentence is like or as used incorrectly?
The speaker is powerful and the Duchess was vulnerable.
How does the speaker in My Last Duchess compare to the Duchess herself?
reveals himself through his own words.
My Last Duchess is considered a dramatic monologue because the speaker
The speaker suffers repeated rejections from his beloved.
What is the conflict in the dramatic monologue Life in a Love?
a speaker who is not confident
What kind of speaker would have the opposite personality of that of the speaker in Life in a Love?
the ways in which the speaker loves her beloved.
Sonnet 43 is mainly about
transcendent value of romantic love.
The theme of Sonnet 43 concerns the
The source of his wife's happiness __ the Duke.
Despite his power and position, the Duke remained a __ and sulky man.
I love you with all of my being.
Which statement best sums up the answer to the speaker's question in "Sonnet 43?"
He was jealous and treated her like a possession.
In "My Last Duchess," what do the Duke's words reveal about his attitude toward his late wife?
can survive death.
According to "Sonnet 43," love
She smiled too much.
In "My Last Duchess," what does the Duke say was one of the faults of the Duchess?