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One of the most important contributors to Anticholinergic Syndrome is:
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A "brown bag review" of medications being taken by a patient is a review of:All medication that a patient takesWhen are ACE inhibitors prescribed?CHF and following acute MIDue to the decreased blood flow through the liver as a result of the aging process, medication metabolism has been known toslow downWhat is the main/major organ of drug metabolism?liverDora, a 78-year-old woman, was not feeling well, so she went to her doctor. After reviewing her medical history and performing a physical examination, the physician diagnosed her with anticholinergic syndrome, which he attributed to one of the four medications she was taking. Which of Dora's medications is likely causing her anticholinergic syndrome symptoms?Doxepin (an antidepressant)Which group of people consumes more nutraceuticals than any other age group?older adultsAnticholinergic syndrome refers to a collection of symptoms related to the effects of agents that block which neurotransmitter?AcetylcholineT/F A drug must be tested in older populations in order to receive federal approval.FalseOne of the easiest ways to assess nutritional adequacy in the older adult is:Conducting regular body measurementsAccording to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans (2015-2020), to promote healthy eating patterns, we must:Focus on variety, nutrient density and amountA form of malnutrition that often results in morbid obesity is:OvernutritionOral disease has the ability to impact all of the following systems except:The integumentary system_____________ is not a sign of aging, but rather is often related to pharmacodynamics or disease processes and results in tooth wear and breakdown over time.Dry mouthBiofilm, combined with a person's immune response system can cause:Periodontal diseaseT/F Overnutrition is not considered a form of malnutrition.FalseWhat causes lactose intolerance?Decreased intestinal lactase productionT/F The most common cause of dry mouth in older adults is the use of prescription medicine and over-the-counter medicines.TrueT/F Not perceiving the need for dental care is a major barrier to obtaining proper dental care.TrueT/F Oral prostheses such as removable dentures require removing and rinsing after eating.TrueT/F Fluoride in municipal water supplies has decreased dental decay rates over the last 50 years.TrueCommonly occurring after a stroke or with advancing Parkinson's Disease, older patients tend to suffer from ________ which places them at an increase risk for poor nutritional intake.DsyphagiaBarriers to care when it comes to accessing the appropriate dental care include all of the following except: - Financial and economic difficulties - Living in a rural area - Limited access to services outside the home - Decreased care on how teeth lookDecreased care on how teeth lookAbout 25% of newly diagnosed patients with Celiac disease are over the age of:60Periodontal disease can have a significant impact on general health of older adults by causing all of the following issues except: - teeth loss - weight gain - speech difficulties - inability to chewweight gainThe two most common caused of malabsorption in older adults arelactose intolerance and celiac disease.When performing a straightforward oral screen, what structure must be looked at from the back, sides and undersurface for swelling, coating, size variation, coloring and texture?TongueAlcohol interferes with the normal absorption of which vitamins and/or nutrients?Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Folic AcidThe PLISSIT model may provide the medical practitioner a better understanding of what level a patient requires when considering sexual functioning, and includes:Permission, information, suggestions and intensive therapyT/F Transgender adults are protected gender equality laws in the United States and thus do not have to worry about discrimination at work, school, obtaining housing or receiving health care.FalseT/F Estrogen replacement therapy (ERT) for menopausal women has been shown to be effective with the most recent data indicating that healthy women under age 60 have a favorable risk profile when using ERT for short periods of time.True_____________ is a form of sexual harassment.ISBWhen addressing the issues of sex and sexuality with the older population, it is important to consider that many older adults are not comfortable and are reluctant to open up about this subject. As a result, conversations about this topic need to be:Culturally sensitiveWhen working with older gay and lesbian patients, healthcare providers should:Be non-judgmental and develop an awareness of their cultureThe HIV infection rate between males to females is:9:1T/F Sexual function changes among men are less dramatic than those experienced by perimenopausal women.TrueLibido can increase during postmenopause due to:- Elimination of pregnancy fears - Decreased child care responsibilities - Increase in energyHIV infection among older adults is associated with faster disease progression which leads to:Higher rates of morbidity and mortalityT/F When older adults become institutionalized their need for personal validation and intimacy may increases.TrueDailey's "Circles of Sexuality" model considers all of the following core components with the exception of:ContraceptionMethods to address pain associated with arthritis during sexual intercourse include:Using a hot shower or thermal heat source prior to initiation of intercourseList the Circles of SexualitySensuality, Intimacy, Sexual Identity, Sexual health & reproduction, Power and SexualizationT/F The opposite of transgender is cisgender.TrueTo adapt to tremors associated with _______________ it may be helpful to use positions that incorporate weight bearing onto affected limbs.Parkinson'sOlder adults have a greater risk of contracting and spreading HIV/AIDS as a result of all of the following except:Diminished capacity to understand reprecussionsStages of Self-Identity:Identity, Confusion, Comparison, Tolerance, Acceptance, Pride, SynthesisPharmacokinetics:what the body does to the drug; depends on how the drug is administered oral is the most commonPharmacodynamicswhat the drug does to the bodyThe average age of the last period of American women is approximately __ years, with an average range from ages 45 to 5552Viewed by many as a substitute sexual activitymasturbationT/F Many men remain sexually active into their 70sTrueMost women are not sexually active, primarily due toA lack of partners or a decreased libido in their current male partner, which is termed "voluntary celibacy"- Forms of arthritis, including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout syndrome, and fibromyalgia, occur most frequently women, obese people, and persons who do not exercise regularlyRegular sexual activity can increase adrenal gland production of cortisol and endorphins that can:- decrease stress and lead to less pain and discomfort - Lessen symptoms of depressionIn women body-esteem was most closely related toself-esteemIn men body-esteem was most closely related tosexual-esteem____________ is one of the most common and clinically important central nervous system complications of late HIV-1 infection.AIDS Dementia Complex (ADC)T/F death during coitus accounts for less than 1% of sudden coronary deaths, and of these, 90% typically occur in men involved in extramarital relations, which may be attributed to relationship stress and being in an unfamiliar locationTrueT/F Women with heart disease are less likely to develop subsequent sexual problems.TrueSam has taken a high dose of NSAIDS for several months. What is Sam at risk of?Renal toxicityWhich of the following is NOT a symptom of antichollnergic syndrome? - Tachycardia - Blurred vision - Frequent urination - Periodic deliriumFrequent urinationT/F Most medications are administered subcutaneously.FalseWhich of the following means "what the body does to a drug"?PharmacokineticsWhich of the following interacts with warfarin and increases its effects?GarlicA person with celiac disease has sensitivity to gliadin, a component of:glutenIncreasing fiber intake can help with which condition?ConstipationWhich of the following is NOT one of the five food groups in the MyPlate program? - Dairy - Bread - Fruits - VegetablesBreadWhich of the following means toothlessness?EdentulismT/F A healthy mouth is pink and moist.TrueWhich of the following is a common cause of pharyngeal cancer? - Dental caries - Xerostomia - Halitosis - SmokingSmokingT/F Inflammatory periodontal disease has been associated with dementia.TrueT/F Healthcare practitioners should never ask someone how they wish to be addressed.FalseWhich of the following is TRUE about inappropriate sexual behaviors (ISB)? - There is one definition for ISB - Practitioners should never report it - It is a form of sexual harassment - Only patients with dementia engage in ISBIt is a form of sexual harassmentWhich of the following is NOT included in the Circles of Sexuality model? - Sensuality - Gender identity - Intimacy - Sexual identityGender identityNadia identifies with the gender she was assigned at birth. Nadia is:CisgenderT/F Research shows that women with disabilities experienced abuse as frequently as nondisabled women.TrueWhich of the following is the main organ of drug metabolism? - Liver - Pancreas - Brain - KidneyLiverBruce is taking antihistamines. He has a dry mouth, blurred vision, and delirium. Bruce likely has:Anti-Cholinergic SyndromeT/F All nutraceuticals are safe and effective.FalseOlder adults should try to consume ___ cups of fluid per day.6Boris is male and 60 years old. What is his Recommended Daily Allowance for energy?2,300 kcalT/F Alcohol abuse can lead to malnutrition.TrueSilvia is diabetic. Which dietary pattern should you recommend she follow?Mediterranean dietRobin wants advice for taking care of his dentures. What should you recommend?Remove and rinse them after eatingT/F Exploring one's sexuality is a lifelong process.TrueWhich of the following is a physiologic marker for changes in sexual functioning? - Menarche - Somatarche - Menopause - AdrenarcheMenopauseT/F Clients will always initiate discussion about sexual functioning if it is important to them.FalseWhich of the following is NOT a level of treatment in the PLISSIT model? - Permission - Limited information - Motivational interviewing - Intensive therapyMotivational interviewingWhen working with older lesbians and gay males, you should:- Take a nonjudgemental approach - Develop an awareness of their culture - Recognize the importance of sex in older adults' livesGender is increasingly being viewed as a:SpectrumOne study found that body-esteem in men with physical disabilities was most closely related to:Sexual-esteemT/F A need for intimacy does not disappear for adults living in insitutions.TrueThe incidence of HIV is rising faster among which age group?50 and olderT/F The FDA is responsible for approving prescription and non-prescription drugs.TrueHow do age-related changes in skin impact drug absorption?Can lead to lower concentrations in bloodWhat occurs when the liver produces more of the metabolizing enzyme after exposure to a drug?Enzyme inductionT/F Most drugs are excreted in urine.TrueTwo criteria used to assess inappropriate medication use by older adults are Beers List and:STOPP/STARTT/F Inadequate dietary intake in older adults is associated with social isolation.TrueDeficiency in which nutrient can contribute to age-related cognitive decline?Vitamin B12"Oral Health in America: A Report of the Surgeon General" called oral disease among older adults a:Silent epidemicTrisha has xerostomia. What treatment do you recommend?Avoid sublingual medication dosesT/F Older adults in nursing facilities typically have sufficient access to oral healthcare services.FalseJeremiah has a bacterial infection attributed to Streptococcus mutans. What does he have?Dental caries (cavities)A dry mouth, dark urine, and fatigue are symptoms of:DehydrationWhich of the following is NOT a nutritional screening tool mentioned in the textbook? - Nutritional Screening Initiative (NSI) - Malnutrition Screening Tool (MST) - Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool (MUST) - Older Adult Nutrition Assessment (OANA)Older Adult Nutrition Assessment (OANA)T/F Medications can cause taste disorders in older adults.TrueWhich of the following is TRUE about nutraceuticals? - Manufacturers can make dosage recommendations - They are regulated by the FDA - They can have significant interactions with other medications - Older adults use them less than younger peopleThey can have significant interactions with other medicationsT/F Research suggests that sexual activity substantially decreases after the age of 55.False