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What were four limitations faced by slaves in the Roman world?
1) complete obedience to master 2.) inability to make decisions by themselves including the choice to marry 3.) could not own personal possessions 4.) master's choice on how well or badly he choses to treat the slaves- they are possesions
How did Romans view slaves?
as a normal and necessary part of life
How were color and slavery connected in Roman times?
race and slavery were not connected; people of different colors were slaves
How were slaves' lives intertwined with free men?
1) interacted with them- found working together alot
2) didn't live separately from free-people
3) lived in same house as master
What were 3 ways to become a slave?
1) born into/ sold yourself into slavery
2) captured by pirates
3) prisoner of war
What was the ratio of slaves to free citizens during the 1st Century AD in Italy?
3 slaves for every 5 free citizens
How many slaves did wealthy citizens own?
hundreds, even thousands
Caecilius owned how many slaves?
at least a dozen
What was so special about Pedanius Secundus?
he owned 400 slaves
What was one job carried out by publicly owned slaves?
bath and aqueduct maintainance
What were 4 areas where publicly owned slaves worked in town?
laborers, shepherds/ranchers, miners, roads & bridge workers
The strongest slaves were...?
bought for training in gladiator fights
What were some of the occupations of slaves in town?
cooks, gardeners, general slaves, hairdressers, laborers in factories, musicians, actors, entertainers
Why were foreign travelers surprised at Roman slaves' "way of life"?
not much difference in dress, work or treatment between slaves and poor free man
What usually affected how slaves were treated by their masters?
the whim of the master
vernae were..
slaves born into the household
alumni were...
those acquired as babies/ children as slaves
How might slaves interact with their masters' babies?
1) played with them
2) educated them
3) watched them
What were 4 circumstances under which a slave might be free?
1) good service
2) respect/ friendship
3) death of master
4) buy way out
What was the earliest age at which a slave could be freed?
What was 'manumissimo?'
the act of freeing a slave
The 3 ceremonies for freeing slaves were...
1) legal ceremony before public official
2) declaration in the presence of friends or at home- Manumit
3) invite to recline at dinner
What were 2 activities the libertus could not participate in?
1) couldn't stand as candidate for elections
2) not a high rank officer for army
How was the libertus attached to his master?
1) took the master's name
2) became a client- had to work for the master a certain amount of time every year
Why would a liberta be freed?
to marry former master or former slave
What did the libertus take from his master?
his names
How could liberti earn a living?
continue their previous work, business person, council secretary, messenger, town clerk, town crier
Who were the Vetti?
rich and powerful men who had a magnificent house with many colorful paintings and elegant fountains
What relative to Caecilius was a freedman?
his father