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  1. Judaism
  2. Johnny come lately
  3. judaic
  4. jacta alea est
  5. jalopy
  1. a the monotheistic religion founded by Abraham and whose followers are called Jews
  2. b of or relating to or characteristic of the Jews or their culture or religion
  3. c an old, decrepit, or unpretentious automobile
  4. d the die is cast, a piont of no return
  5. e a late arrival or participant; newcomer:

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  1. developed by Julis Cesar the added 1 day every 4 years
  2. a playful imitation of language consisting of invented, meaningless words; nonsense; gibberish.
  3. donkey; offensive word for an annoying, stupid person
  4. prolonged lamentation or complaint
  5. a hypothetical average, unknow man,

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  1. Jekyll and Hydea name used for a person whose real name is unknown, for women


  2. jiffy1.a drug addict, esp. one addicted to heroin. 2. a person with an insatiable craving for something: a chocolate junkie.


  3. jubileen. The celebration of an anniversary, especially a fiftieth anniversary or beyond.


  4. je ne sais quoia name used for a person whose real name is unknown, for women


  5. judicious(adj.) using or showing good judgment by the individual, wise, sensible