Chapter 19-US History 2-Kretzman

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In what year was FDR first elected?
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Which of the following is NOT true of the FDR and the New Deal

A. They renewed the faith in the U.S. economy and government amongst U.S. citizens

B. Intense government action in the first 100 days of taking office

C. National Government and the President gained more power than they had before

D. Believed in minimal government action

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FDR spoke to Americans over the radio mostly to do what?

A. Advertise his business before he became President

B. Reestablish trust in the American government and economy.

C. Campaign for reelection every 4 years

D. Provide a distraction for families suffering through the depression

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Define: Radio shows delivered to U.S. citizens by FDR discussing his New Deal programsFireside ChatsDefine: New Deal act that designed to provide aid and jobs, but was declared unconstitutionalNRA/NIRADefine: Regulates the Stock MarketSECThe CCC helped people manage through the G.D. in all the following ways except: A. It required members to send a portion of their wages to their families B. It developed public facilities and conservation projects for the U.S. C. It put young people to work doing unskilled labor D. It provided direct subsidies to farmers Just type the letter of the answer.DWhich program was the most important part of FDR's 2nd New Deal?Social SecurityThe WPA, CWA, and PWA all provided relief for U.S. citizens by...Creating jobsBy creating a massive amount of government programs and actions, FDR, through his New Deal, had the U.S. government spending more money than is brought in via revenue. This is known as the practice of...Deficit SpendingHow many presidential terms did FDR win?4What did FDR die ofPolioWhich programs were considered unconstitutional? (there's two)AAA, NRA/NIRAWho becomes the fist female cabinet member?Frances PerkensThe following person becomes the first black female to serve as an advisor to the president.Mary McLeod Bethune.This person was a symbol of American Women. Also became active in politics.Eleanor Roosevelt.The New Deal expanded the power the _________ and the ________.government, presidentAfter the New Deal, the government got into the habit of ______ _______ and they still do today.deficit spending.After the New Deal, a positive result is that faith was ________ in the government.restoredConservatives felt that the the new deal was a ____ idea because they felt that the government would have too much _____. They also felt the economy was being unfairly ________ and regulating business too ______.Bad, power, balanced, tightly