Sepsis Jeopardy

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This is what the acronym SIRS stands for:
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Skin signs that have poor pallor, mottling, or cyanosis is a sign of this stageSeptic shockA _____ in urine output may be an indication of sepsisDecreaseThis respiratory condition, along with septic shock, has a very high mortality rateARDS (acute respiratoyr distress syndrome)In this stage, blood pressure may return to a normal range, befor elowering significantly in the next stageSevere sepsisWhen auscultating bowel sounds, this is the expected finding in clients with septic shockAbsent bowel soundsThese lab values should be iniitially obtained prior to antibiotic administrationBlood culturesThis lab value rises due to changes in systemic metabolism during sepsisSerum lactate levelsThe value for this lab may be normal or low during sepsisWhite blood cell countThsese two labs values usually do not change until late into septic shockHematocrit and HemoglobinOther biomarkers for sepsis are progressively increasing _____ levelsProlacitoninAfter obtaining blood cultures, these medications should be administered within the first hourBroad spectrum antibioticsFluids and _____ are the typical treatment for replacing fluids in the septic patientCrystalloidsInsulin therapy is used to maintain blood glucsoe levels between this range110-150 mg/dLCrystalloids should be administered at volume of _______ within the first three hours of sepsis treatment30 mg/kgThis is the priority problem for a patient in septic shockMultiple ORgan Dysfunction Syndrome (MODS)These cells are less mature, and are found in higher levels due to a sustained immune responseBand neutrophils