lateral rectus attachments
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muscle cone = cone at orbital apex formed byrecti muscles + SOsuperior oblique origin functional origin insertionorigin: lesser wing of sphenoid bone just above optic canal of orbital apex functional origin: trochlea insertion: lateral posterosuperior aspect of globe, 55 anglesuperior oblique coursebecome tendon near superior medial orbital wall pass through tochlea (in frontal bone , U shaped) - functional origin courses posterolaterally beneath superior rectusinfeior oblique origin insertionorigin: maxillary bone (posterior to inferior medial orbital rin) insertion: lateral posteroinferior aspect of globe (51 angle)only EOM to have origin in anterior orbitinferior obliquecourses the inferomedial wall of the orbit to the posterolateral aspect of the globeinferior oblique musclethe position of gaze when an individual muscle becomes primary mover of eyefield of actionsupraduction infraductionSupra: Upward movement Infra: Downward movementincyloduction/intorsion exycloduction/exrosionincyloduction/intorsion: inward exycloduction/extorsion: outwardadduction abductionadduction: midline/nasal abduction: away from midlineif course of muscle parallel to axisno rotation around axisif course of muscle is perpendicular to axis, only rotation isaround the axisprinciple muscle involved in actionagonistsherrington's law of reciprocal innervationwhen agonist muscle contracts (stimulated), antagonist relaxes (inhibited)muscle that works in concert with another muscle to generate a movementsynergistmotor innervation EOMSLR6SO4