Active Korean 2 (UNIT 4-6)

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아프리카Africaday주일weekmonth숟가락spoon젓가락chopsticks포크forkhand끝나다to be finishedrainsnow눈사람snowman나쁘다bad배고프다hungry괜찮다alright여행trip, travel한복hanbok (traditional Korean costume)비가 오다to rain눈이 오다to snow여행을 가다to take a trip, to go on a trip안에 뭐가 들었어요?What's inside? (What's in it?)책이 들었어요.There is a book inside.미국까지 얼마나 걸려요?How long does it take to get to the U.S.?한 달쯤 걸려요.It takes about a month.보내는 사람addresser받는 사람addressee우편번호zip code우표stamp하루 (일 일)one day이틀 (이 일)two days사흘 (삼 일)three days나흘 (사 일)four days닷새 (오 일)five days열흘 (십 일)ten days보름 (십오 일)fifteen days예약reservation예약하다to reserve자리seat, place기차표train ticket계시다to be, to stay (honorific)요금fare, charge전화번호telephone number출발하다to depart침대 방room with a bed온돌방traditional Korean room (hot floored room)성함name (honorific)출발departure도착하다to arrive런던London뉴욕New York도쿄Tokyo방콕Bangkok파리Paris로마Rome베이징Beijing마드리드Madrid여행하다to travel운전하다to drive투표하다to vote피우다to smoke (a cigarette)바쁘다busy재미없다not interesting바다sea, ocean음악music방학school holidays하루one dayzero손님customer, guest직원staff~years old (counting unit for age)결혼marriage투표vote인천공항Incheon Airport시내downtown이메일e-mailyear담배를 피우다to smoke a cigarette열 시 비행기에 자리 있어요?Is there any vacant seat on the 10 o'clock plane?얼마 동안 계실 거예요?How long are you going to stay?요금이 어떻게 돼요?Could you tell me how much the fare is?성함이 어떻게 되세요?May I have your name?왕복round trip편도one way일 인실single room환불해 주세요.I'd like to get this refunded.8시 표로 바꿔 주세요.I'd like to change this ticket to 8 o'clock one.예의etiquette주차장parking lot기숙사dormitory심심하다bored슬프다sad들어가다to go in, to enter벗다to take off이야기하다to talk악수하다to shake hands쓰다to wear, to put on (a hat)사용하다to use드시다to eat (honorific)세우다to stop신발shoes기분feeling고등학생high school student뒷사람person behind아기baby아이child이용use안내Information, guideoutsidecar그런데but, by the way다른other기분이 좋다to feel good그럼요.Of course. (Certainly. / Sure.)물론이지요.Certainly. (Of course.)네, 괜찮아요.It's alright. (No problem.)저기요.Excuse me.안 되는데요.It's not alright.그래요? 몰랐어요.Is that so? I didn't know.죄송합니다.I am sorry.어른에게 한 손으로 물건을 드리면 안 돼요.You shouldn't give something to elders with one hand.어른 앞에서 담배를 피우면 안 돼요.You shouldn't smoke in front of elders.집 안에서 신발을 신으면 안 돼요.You shouldn't wear shoes in the house.그릇을 들고 밥을 먹으면 안 돼요.You shouldn't hold up the bowls while eating.어른보다 먼저 숟가락을 들면 안 돼요.You shouldn't start eating before elders do.밥 먹을 때 코를 풀면 안 돼요.You shouldn't blow your nose during the meal.