Art History Final

Portrait of Augustus as a General
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The Good Shepherd and the Story of Jonah. Catacomb Frescoed CeilingGood Shepard. Mosaic. Mausoleum of Galla PlacidiaSarcophagus of Junius BassusEmperor Justinian and His AttendantsEmpress Theodora and Her AttendantsDome Mosaic. Pantocrator. Church of the Dormition.Oseberg Ship (Restored)Purse Cover, Sutton Hoo Ship BurialDoors of Bishop Bernward, Hildesheim CathedralGod Accusing Adam and Eve. Doors of Bishop Bernward, St. Michael's Hildesheim Cathedral.Dome of the Rock. JerusalemTaj Mahal. Agra IdiaThe Pilgrimage Routes to Santiago de CompostelaReliquary Statue of Saint FaithSaint- Sernin, ToulouseGislebertus. Last Judgment. West tympanum of the Cathedral of Saint-LazareLeaning Tower of PisaBayeux Tapestry, Battle of HastingsWest Façade. Chartres Cathedral. FranceRose Window and lancets. Chartres Cathedral, France.Cathedral of Notre Dame, Paris. (West Front)Cathedral of Notre Dame. East EndCathedral of Notre Dame, Paris. NaveCathedral of Notre Dame (West Façade)Cathedral of Notre Dame (Flying Buttresses)