Common Challenges for Counselors

True or false. Managing your own anxiety is a normal part of training and receiving supervision.
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What ethical principle respects right of client self-determination?autonomyWhat ethical principles can shade into paternalism?beneficence and nonmaleficenceWhat ethical principles says do what you believe to be the client's best interests (not necessarily what they want)?beneficence and nonmaleficenceWhat ethical principle makes sure resources are allocated fairly?justiceWhat is the ethical principle justice based upon?- what person contributed - what person needs - basic minimum that is universal standardTrue or false. Ethical principles may clash.trueWhat are the steps of ethical decision-making?1. identify (issues, ethical principles may clash) 2. consult (ethical guidelines, law/regulations, colleagues) 3. plan (weigh alternatives, select plan, implement, assess)What is the most important component of ethical decision-making?documentationWhy is it important to document everything?legal purposesWhat is necessary to preserve client autonomy?informed consentWhat are legal requirement for treatment in regard to capacity for consent?- provide information - person voluntary chooses - person is capable of choosing (capacity)What is capacity?- understanding (problem) - appreciation (consequences) - reasoning - expressing a choiceWhat is power of attorney?- appointed by person in case they become incompetent in future - person known as durable power of attorneyWhat is legal guardian?designated by court after person is declared incompetentsWhat is proxy decision maker?- power of attorney - legal guardian - usually closest family memberWhat does it mean to use 'substituted judgment' before 'best interests'?do what the person would want over what you think is bestWhat do advanced psychiatric directives discuss?emergency options with clients when they are in remissionWhat is most likely the thing to get counselor sued?boundary issues