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Gram Negative Bacilli- Enterobacteria


Enterics in GI, Lactose Fermenters (pink on MAC) or Non lactose fermenters
All ferment GLUCOSE
All oxidase -
All reduce nitrates

E. Coli

Common UTI, LF, Beta hemolysis, IMVC ++--, Gas +, A/A, MOTILE, Urase -, ORN + MAC sorbitol


K. pnuemonia most common, LF, Mucoid on MAC, NON motile, IMVC --++, Weak urase +, ORN -, A/A


SLOW LF, ONPG +, DNASE+, Indole +, K/A, Urease -, Citrate +, VP +, MOTILE


NLF, swarmer, H2S+, K/A, urea +, MOTILE
P. vulgaris: indole+ P.mirabalis: indole -


S.typhii: typhoid fever. NLF. Indole -, K/A, H2S+, urea -, Citrate +, VP-, MOTILE, black dot on colonies on HEK


A:dysentry B: fexneri C:boydii D: sonnei
NLF, K/A, urea -, citrate -, VP - , NON motile, clear/green on HEK

Enterobacter sp.

wounds, urine, blood, CSF
NLF and LF. Indole -, A/A and K/A. urea +/-, VP +, citrate +, MOTILE


Slow citrate


CIN agar, target/bullseye on HEK.


UTIs, Indole+, MR+ VP- Citrate-, urea +

Edwardsiella tarda

wound/septicemia, urease - indole +, H2S, citrate +

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