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The 5 Rights

Med, Dose, Route, Time, Patient

Right to refuse

Clients can refuse to take a medication. Must be documented & practitioner notified.


Medication Administration Record

Allergies & Expiration dates

In addition to the five rights, the nurse should check the __________ & __________ _____.


The name that is given by the manufacturer that first develops the medication


The name given by different manufacturer's that may market the drug under a different name

Double checked

Insulin, Heparin, Chemotherapy have to be _______ _______.

Review Medication

what is the action? purpose? normal dosage? side effects? time of onset? peak action?
contraindications? nursing implications? ability to swallow? knowledge of medications? nursing assessments? follow up assessments?

Lifespan Variations

may not be able to identify him/her self, ability to swallow may be compromised.

Special Route Medication Administration

rectal, vaginal, nasal, ear,eye, topical, trans-dermal, and inhalation.

Nasal Instillations

used for dryness, congestion.
commonly drops or spray, easier if pt. self administers

Preparing and Assessing

Assess clients health history, and if the drug may be a contraindication.
Review order and rights.
Assess pt knowledge if pt. is self admin
Assess area and palptate


used to lubricate, stain cornea, prevent/treat conditions, dilate.
One bottle= one pt. drops, ointments, disc


used to soften wax, provide anesthesia, treat conditions, facilitate foreign body removal.
drops or irrigation.


Used for local and per-cutaneous systemic effects.
creams, lotions, ointments, patch.
Chart when put on and removed patch, date and initial patch. Sterile Tech. if open wound.


Aerosolized meds directly to lungs.
metered dose inhalers & dry powder inhalers.
Resp assessment prior and post administration


Local effects, easily absorbed, dissolves @ body temp.
Pt. should remain still for 5 min after admin.


for infections, irritations, pruritis.
creams, jellies, foams, local & systemic
Pt. should remain still for 10 min after admin.


How many times should you check your 5 + 2?

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