13 terms

Boney landmarks

Head of a bone
rounded articulating projection usually proximal, and superior to the neck
Olecranon fossa
the posterior surface depression at the distal end of the humerus, receives the olecranon process of the ulna
Radial Tuberosity
the rounded bump inferior to the radial head
The flared part of the hip bones
lower, rear portion of the hip bone, on which one sits
anterior portion of the pelvic bone
symphysis pubis
cartilaginous joint at which two pubic bones fuse together
greater trochanter of the femur
a large rough raised area on the proximal end of the femur that forms the most lateral part of the femur
Lesser trochanter of the femur
a small bony prominance located posterior and inferior to the greater trochanter
tibial tuberosity
Bump or process in front of tibia, below condyles
medial malleolus
medial projection of distal end of the tibia
lateral malleolus
lateral projection of distal end of the fibula
the heel bone