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God's word is ____________ (=without errors)
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___________ sermons combine several sperate, individual verses about a certain topic.TopicalTopics concerning ESSENTIAL doctrine often show up in _______ scripture passages.ManySomeone with this spiritual gift is especially good at differentiating between right and wrong:DiscernmentActs was written around 62 AD by ________LukeActs is a __________ bookHistoricalThe following best describes the relationship between Israel and the church_________________________________Sperate and distinct_________ is a greek word which mean "one who is sent"Apostle____________ was chosen to replace Judas.MethodiousIn acts 2, the Holy Spirit was poured out on believers on this holiday:PentecostWhen commanded not to speak about Jesus anymore (acts 4), Peter and John replied and said ________________________"We must obey"_________ and _________ dropped dead after attempting to deceive the church concerning their giving's.Ananias and SephiraThis widely respected Jewish leader advised the Sanhedrin not to deal too severely with the Christians:GamalielThe __________ Jews were those Immersed in Greek culture.HellenisticThe apostles assigned a special team of ministers to take care of this responsibility:WidowsWhat was Saul's reaction to the murder in Acts 7?He approvedIn Acts 8, __________ was urged by the Holy Spirit to approach an Ethiopian official.PhilipGod has already taken steps to prepare __________ to help Saul by healing his blindness and baptizing him.AnaniasWhen the disciples were skeptical about Paul's conversation with ______________BarnabusGod uses a vision of all kinds of _____________ to show Peter that anything he cleans is no longer unclean.Animals_____________= any person that isn't a JewGentileIn Acts 15, the first church council was held at________________JerusalemIn Acts 15, A controversy broke out throughout the church when some Jewish Christians insisted the ________________ was necessary for salvation.CircumcisionPaul and Barnabus disagreed over whether or not _______________ should join them on their missionary journeyJohn MarkAfter accepting Christ __________ served her community by opening her home for the church to meet thereLidiaWhen the jailer asks Paul how to obtain salvation, Paul answers with:"Believe in the Lord Jesus"Before leaving Ephesus, Paul warned elders about the dangers of false doctrine coming from ________________________Within the churchThe Bible clearly teaches this about demons and evil spirits:They exist____________= Beliefs and doctrines that oppose what is revealed and accepted from God's WordHarasesThe MAIN reason Demetrius the Silversmith was against Paul's preaching of the Gospel was because:It impacted his businessThe first thing Paul did after visiting each new city was to find a ___________ _____________Jewish SynagogueWhen preaching to a mostly Jewish audience, Paul would start by explaining why Jesus was the ___________Messiah