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attitudes, actions

Prejudice describes ________ while discrimination describes ________.

Jim Crow Law

The practice the South employed after the Civil War to segregate blacks from whites was called __.

2 or more people related by blood, marriage or adoption

Sociologically, "what is family?"

Nuclear Family

Sociologically, what is the immediate family of husband, wife, and children called who live apart from other kin?

It will decrease

Maria and Brian recently gave birth to their first child. Based on sociological findings, what is the likely change in the marital satisfaction that Maria and Brian feel towards one another?

Organized Childcare Facilities

Among married couples, who is likely to care for preschoolers when both parents work outside the home?

African Americans/Asian Americans

The group with the highest percentage of one parent families with a female head of household is ________ and the group with the lowest percentage of one parent families with a female head of household is ________.

Native Americans

In which families would elders play the most active role in rearing their grandchildren?

The husband or wife bringing a child into the new family from a prior relationship

Sociologically, what is a blended family?

It has risen 10 fold

How has the rate of cohabitation changed over the past 30 years?

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