[90701][3.1][4 credits] Analyse natural process in the context of a geographic environment

What direction does LSD operate in the TCE?
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What wind velocity is required to dislodge sand from the beach?5 m/sWhat is the height of the dunes at Omanu?3-6mWhat is the height of the dunes at the Mount?2mWhy are the dunes higher at Omanu than at the Mount?More vegetation such as spinifex and Pingao (10cm high) that create a zero wind velocity zoneWhen was the Geological period known as the HoloceneLast 10,000 yearsWhen was the Pleistocene period?Last 2 million yearsName 4 depositional features in the TCESpit, Tombolo, Cuspate, Beach, Dunes, Offshore bars, Barrier Island, Estuarine Harbour etcName two volcanic features in the TCERhyolite domes (Mauao, Drury, Bowntown), Ignimbrite sheetsHow have fluvial processes contributed to the TCE?Transporting and depositing sedimentHow many years before the present time were the sea levels 100m lower?18,000 ybpWhen did mass deposition occur to create the Tombolo, Barrier Island and Harbour etc?5000-4000 ybpWhat approximate area does the TCE cover?80km²During the last glacial period the sea level dropped by 100 metres. How much further out was the coastline than it is today?50kmGroynes are a human modification to the coastal environment. Where in the TCE are groynes located to disrupt the process of LSDKulim Park and Fergusson ParkThe TCE generally receives small constructive waves. What is the average height of these waves?1.5 metres or lessWhen low pressure systems pass across the north of the country, the TCE may experience destructive waves of up to two metres. During what season is this most likely to occur?WinterWave refraction occurs due to a variation in water depth around headlands. Within the TCE, the depth of water surrounding headlands can be considered less than what depth?5 metresOnshore winds result in the formation of sand dunes. In what direction is an offshore wind in the TCE?NortherlyOn the Mount Main Beach, what organisation is responsible for the planting of sand dunes?Coast CareThe average length of coastline (excluding the harbour) within the TCE?10-12kmThe Whakamarama Plateau slopes from the Kaimais into the Tauranga Basin. What is the average slope of this plateau?3-5 degreesAbrasion?A process where detached blocks of rock rub against each other, rounding and reducing each otherCorrosionWhen particles of sand or sediment further abrade rocksHydraulic ActionThe process where the compression of air in cracks and joints in the rock combines with the impact of large masses of water to dislodge rock fragmentsSaltationWind blown sediment grains moving in a series of jumps or hops as they bounce off other grains