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Sun, earth and Moon relationships

7th Grade Mrs. Hook science test
1. Revolution 2. Tilt of the Earth's Axis
What causes seasons on Earth
Spinning on axis
One object going around another
About 24 hours
How long does it take for the earth to make one rotation?
365 1/4 days
How long does it take fot the earth to make one revolution?
counter - clockwise for both
Which way does the earth rotate? Revolve?
Summer- 93 million miles
During which season is the earth farthest from the sun? How far away is it?
1/6 of the earth gravitational pull
How much gravitational pull does the moon have?
1/4 of the earth's size
What size is the moon compared to the earth?
27.3 days
How long does it take for the moon to make one rotation?
27.3 days
How long does it take for the moon to make one revloution?
29.5 days
How long is the moon phases cycle?
The earth is moving around the sun (revolving) at the same time.
Why does it take two extra days for the moon phase cycle as compared to the revolution
Studied the moon's surface, gets credit for inventing the telescope, observed planets Venus, mares and jupiter
What are Galileo's accomoplishments?
Maria are low lands on the moons surface called Seas. Formed from volcanic lava flows in past
What are Maria? How did they probably form?
Craters: are deep pits in the surface of the moon. They are formed by Meteor impacts
What are Craters? How did they probably form?
The theory that states the moon may have formed when a huge meteor or asteroid hit the earth
Impact Theory?
The theory that states the moon may have been captured by the earth's gravitational pull
Capture Theory?
The Theory that states the moon formed in the same dust and gas cloud as the earth.
Tides are the rise and fall of the oceans water. The gravitational pull of the moon and sun is the cause.
Neap tide is when the sun, moon and Earth are at a right angle to each other (quarter Phases) and the pull of sun and moon cancel out. Tide range is much less than normal.
Neap Tide
Bigger range in tide levels. Higher high tide, lower low tide. Moon and sun's gravitational pull add together.
Spring Tides
The process that creates the energy for the sun.
Nuclear Fusion
Hydrogen 75% and Helium 24%
What two gases make up the majority of the sun?
The core
Where does nuclear Fusion take place?
Darker spots on the surface (photosphere) of the sun. They are cooler.
An explosion of hydrogen gas from the sun's surface that occurs when loops in sun spot regions suddenly connect and are ejected into space
Solar Flares
New moon
What phase is the moon in during a solar eclipse?
What shadow would have to reach you in order to see a total solar eclipse?
Full Moon
What phase is the moon in during a lunar eclipse?