Arts in Western Civ Exam 2

The movement known as ____ marked the first total artistic revolution since the Renaissance.
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George Seurat developed a quasi-scientific method of painting known as ____.PointillismThe artist Toulouse-Lautrec's most original contribution was in the realm of the ____, for he singlehandedly made the new form of lithography and the poster respectable mediator major art.Graphic artsIt was obvious from the beginning Gauguin's life would be extraordinary. As an extremely gifted child always carving wood, a neighbor has predicted of him 'He'll be a great _____.'sculptorEdvard Much was always an outsider, brooding and melancholy, who called his paintings his ____.childrenThe forerunner of Surrealism ____ was an artistic and literary movement that thrived in the last decade of the nineteenth century.symbolismThe American Symbolist painter _____ was another fan of Edgar Allan Poe who, like Redon, painted pictures from his imagination and used simplified forms and yellowish light to create works of haunting intensity.Albert Pinkham RyderAmerican midwestern architecture Louis Sullivan's credo of ____ became the rallying cry of the day.form follows functionIt was somehow fitting that the first new school of architecture to emerge in centuries was born in ___.ChicagoDuring the first half of the twentieth century, "the School of _____ reigned supreme."Paris_____ century art provided the sharpest break with the past in the whole evolution of Western Art20th_____ was the first major avant-garde art movement of the twentieth century.FauvismThe artist Andre Derain was reguarded as the quintessential ____.FauveThe artist _____ lifelong concern was to redeem humanity through exposing evil.Rouault'sThe artist Pablo Picasso once said "I paint what I ____, not what I see."knowThe ____ straddled the borderline between representation and abstraction. They simplified forms to an extreme of spare geometry, using clean-edged rectangles to indicate soaring skyscrapers and factories.PrecisionistThe painter ____ is an example of how Expressionist borrowed from trivial and oceanic art to revitalize decadent Western Culture.Emil NoldeThe major contribution of the Expressionists was a revival of the graphic arts, especially the _____.woodcutAdolf Hitler and his propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels, organized an art exhibition called "________ art (Entartete Kunst)".DegenerateFrom 1917 to 1931, a Dutch group of Modernists led by Piet Mondrian tried to "eliminate ____ from art."emotionIn his art, the artists ________ exploited the irrational.ArpThe most significant art show in American history, called the ____ Show, because it took place in New York's 69th Regiment Armory building, bust the bubble of American provincialism in 1913.ArmoryFrench photographer _____ began as a Cubist painter before turning to photography in 1932.Henri Cartier-BressanGuts! Guts! Life! Life! That's my technique! said painter George Looks. I can paint with a _____ dipped in pitch and lard.shoestringThe artist _____ leader of the American Scene, believed hometown reality should inspire art.Thomas Hart BentonAlso called 'action painting' and the New York school, _____ stressed energy, action, kineticism, and freneticism.abstract expressionismThe artist Arshile Gorky 'pioneered' ______ painting in the U.S.automaticThe hands-down winner among all-star art schools was the experimental ____ College in North Carolina.Black Mountain______ Art, or work outside the mainstream of professional art, is produced by self-taught, inwardly driven artists.OutsiderA man of _____ is how painter Howard Finister signed his work.visionsThe most important sculptor associated with the ____ School was David Smith.New YorkMore than a brush, the tools of the Hard Edge painter's trade are quick-drying acrylic paint and _____ for clear, crisp outlines.masking tape_____ art made icons of the crassest consumer items like hamburgers, toilets, lawn owners lipstick tubes, mounds of orange- colored spaghetti, and celebrities like Elvis Presley.PopA staged event involving the artist talking, singing, or dancing, _____ requires artists to use their bodies in front of an audience.performance artWhat is clear about Post-Modern architecture is its ____.pluralismA Post-Modernism American architect for whom color was a central component was ____.Micheal GravesThe most provocative Post-Modern architect working today is indisputably ____.Frank O GentryRather than a single trend or movement, the most important trait of contemporary photography is _____.diversityCalled by art critic Robert Hughes 'the best painter of his generation on either side of the Atlantic, Anselm Kiefer became an 80s star due to the new taste for _____.narrativeAmerican artist _____ specializes in fabricated self-portraits in which she dresses up like Hollywood or Old Master stereotypes and photographs herself.Cindy ShermanArt in the 80s saw the rebirth of the painting as an accessible form of ____.storytellingThe first professionally trained artist to use the graffiti style was New Yorker _____.Kevin Haring____ paints Pop images like tools, robes, and hearts.Jim Dime_____ combines moving mechanical parts in feminist installations.Rebecca HornNam June Paik is regarded as the "______" of video art.FatherIn the 1990s, _____ art emerged as a major movement. Instead of discrete objects, gallery-goers encountered complex, room-sized environments including sculpture, drawings, painting, found objects, detritus, ephemera, and often video, sound, lighting effects, and digital media.installation