Module 3 Excel Microsoft


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Active cell
A selected worksheet cell that is ready for data entry
Active tab
the tab currently displayed
Auto calculate area
status bar command used to obtain a total, average, or other information about numbers in a range
Category axis
horizontal axis of a chart, usually containing the names of data groups; in a 2-dimensional chart, also known as the x-axis
Basic unit of life
Cell reference
The column letter and the row number. Example: B12
Column heading
a column letter above the grid that identifies each column
Dialong box
a box opened by a menu commands that allow you to select opitions or specify information to preform the command
embedded chart
A chart is inserted in the center of the worksheet.
Enhanced ScreenTip
an on-screen note that provides the name of the command
A location on disk where you can store files.
font type
the design and appearance of printed characters
formula bar
Found directly above column headings; shows location in spreadsheet and what was typed in cell
A list of options available for a command.
Nonprinting lines that can be displayed around cells in a table.
hard copy
Output from a printer to paper.
Home tab
Primary tab-- contains the more frequently used commands
in-cell editing
procedure where the contents of a cell are editing directly in the cell
Insert mode
new characters being added to existing characters
insertion point
A blinking vertical line that shows where text will appear when you begin typing
Key Tip
to select a command using the keyboard, press its displayed code letter
words that describe the information the user is trying to locate
flush with left margin with ragged right edge
1. key to map; 2. myth or story
merging cells
In excel, combining multiple cells by removing the boundaries between the cells, usually done to create a title or informational text for the worksheet
Data about data
Microsoft Office Excel
a powerful spreadsheet program that allows organize data, complete calqulations, make decisons, graph data, etc.
Mini toolbar
Appears when you first select text. Contains commonly used text and paragraph formatting commands.
Name box
Displays the cell reference, which is the location of the active cell in the worksheet. It is located on the left side of the formula bar.
Office Button
A central location for managing and sharing documents
Overtype mode
The method of operation used to replace existing text in a document with new text.
point size
The measurement, or size of a font (text); each point is approximately 1/72 of an inch
Quick Access Toolbar
A small customizable toolbar at the top of the screen with buttons for common commands such as Save and Print.
relative reference
A cell reference that changes when a formula is copied to a new location.
A screen element that displays buttons for accessing Office features and commands
row heading
a number at the far-left side of a row that can be clicked to select the entire row of cells
scroll arrows
arrows at the end of the scroll bar that can be clicked to move a document up, down, left, and right in small increments
scroll bars
The navigation buttons are located on the bottom of the vertical and horizontal scroll bar to move up, down, left or right in the typing area.
sheet tab
A small tab at the bottom of a worksheet that allows you to move from one worksheet to another within the same workbook.
shortcut menu
A menu that appears when you right-click something in the program window; it contains a list of commands you are most likely to use with the item or text you right-clicked.
status bar
A bar at the bottom of the program window that provides information about the current file and process.
a list of additional commands associated with the selected command
SUM function
A built-in calculation used to add a range of values together.
to remove (as a parliamentary motion) from consideration
task pane
A window along the left side of the program window that contains options and commands
How many layers of music are present
Central idea of a work of literature
value axis
horizontal or vertical grouping of values from the worksheet
A collection of related worksheets
A computerized spreadsheet in Excel.