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NoneThe results of the refilling soup bowl experiments conducted by Dr. Wansink's team showed that...are pregnantYou might be at higher risk for foodborne illness if you ___________.It's made from converting the glucose in corn syrup to fructose.Which is an accurate description of how high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is made?It can cause undesirable side effects.One of the downsides to eating the synthetic fat substitute Olestra (Olean) is ___________.add sweetness with fewer caloriesWhy are alternative sweeteners used in food?to reduce shelf life and facilitate spoilageWhich of the following is NOT a reason that food is transported?strengthening the structure of a given food to prevent damage. WRONGIn terms of food processing, enrichment and fortification refer to... - Restoring or raising nurtrients in food - Enhancing the color and appeal of food - Increasing the shelf-life of food - strengthening the structure of a given food to prevent damage. - Adding sugar to foodAspartame & individuals with PKUAll non-GRAS food additives must be approved by the FDA before they can be used in food. Therefore, in moderation, alternative sweeteners are safe for consumption with what specific exception?create radioactive foodWhat is NOT one of the uses for food irradiation?Canning Washing Peeling Frying All of the above are examples.Which of the following is an example of food processing that can occur in a person's home as well as in a commercial setting (like a factory)?of how the cows are raised in New Zealand versus in England.Even though New Zealand is very far away, transporting milk from there to England can be more energy efficient than producing milk in England because...the amount of fuel used.Counting food miles is one way to evaluate food transportation. However, food miles do NOT take into account what aspect related to gas emissions?Offset color loss Enrich a natural color Smooth out color variations Color a colorless food Extend shelf-lifeColors are sometimes added to foods for all of the following reasons EXCEPT?"light". "sugar-free". "reduced calorie". all of the above are correct.Foods and drinks that commonly contain alternative sweeteners include food/drinks labeled _____________.HivesThe symptoms of a food allergy can vary but may include which of the following?Other fats WRONGFat substitutes are NOT derived from... Proteins Other fats Vitamins Carbohydrates PolysaccharidesCandyCommon food allergens do NOT include which of the following?is associated with increased cancer risk.In contrast to early thinking about the potential benefits of antioxidants, some studies have shown that taking antioxidant supplements .....A cookie product prepared with high-fructose corn syrup instead of cane-sugar. WRONG Look back at chap 6 pgs 117-121 for better understanding of "value added" foodsWhat is an example of an "added value" food product? A whole chicken that might sell for $2/lb but a boneless, skinless chicken breast for $5/lb. A snack mix to be reformulated with a higher salt content. A cookie product prepared with high-fructose corn syrup instead of cane-sugar. A store-brand soda versus a national brand (such as Coca-cola). Varying the formulation of a food depending on the market in which it's sold.DDT : Biological Giardia lamblia : Biological Hepatitis A virus: Chemical Salmonella : Chemical Heavy metals : BiologicalChoose the option in which the contaminant is correctly matched with its corresponding category.BacteriaFermentation of fruits and vegetables can be performed by which of the following?nutrition digestibility shelf-life safety All of the above are possibilities.Fermenting plant foods can have a variety of benefits, including improved _____________.False: Anything added to food must appear on the label.True or False: Food colors exempt from certification ("natural" colors) do NOT have to appear on a food label.It's a functional replacement for sugar.In addition to being low-calorie, another advantage to a sweetener like Splenda is _________.Are not substantially changed from the raw form.Minimally processed foods are items that...uses controlled heat to the extend shelf-life of liquid foods.One example of a process used in food production is pasteurization. Pasteurization, developed by Louis Pasteur, is a process safetyAside from logistics, one of the important challenges presented by mass catering (as highlighted by the hotel, hospital, and airline examples from the reading) is maintaining ______________.damaging cell membranes. altering your DNA's code. taking electrons from other molecules. contributing to atherosclerosis. All of the above are true.Free radicals can damage the body by...True: Depending on the fat substitute, it can either partially or completely replace the fat.True or False: Fat substitutes can be used to either partially or completely replace the fat in certain foods.PovertyIn the U.S., food insecurity is primarily considered a result of rebuild bodily proteinsWhy must we consume protein in our diets? for energy purposes for its vitamin content all amino acids are essential to support respirationConventional WRONGMost genetically modified foods (ingredients) are found in __________ processed foods. - Natural - Un - - Foreign - Highly - Conventional30%Approximately, how much food is lost or wasted in the U.S. each year?size reduction, separation, and mixingWhat steps are involved in "pink slime" production?separationProcessing wheat into flour involves which of the following unit operations?50,000,000Approximately how many people in the U.S. experience foodborne illness each year?Kraft FoodsWhat is an example of a large food processor (manufacturer) in the U.S.?all of the above are importantWhat is NOT an important factor when cleaning in a food processing environment? time temperature scrubbing action concentration all of the above are importantheat transferWhat is an example of a unit operation that also helps preserve food? separation size reduction cleaning heat transfer formingFalse: some di-saccharides can taste sweet but poly-saccharides do not.True/False: All carbohydrates taste equally sweet.