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  1. A ___ is made up of two or more VERBS that have the same subject.
  2. A ___ is two or more sentences written as though they were a single sentence.
  3. Every ___ has two basic parts: a subject and a predicate.
  4. The ___ is the MAIN word or words in the complete subject.
  5. An ___ is a word or group of words that TELLS to WHOM or WHAT (or for whom or what) an action is performed.
  6. A ___ follows a linking verb and defines or RENAMES the subject.

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  1. subject complementA ___ is a word or group of words that follow a linking verb AND renames or describes the subject.


  2. sentence fragmentA ___ is a PART of a sentence that is written as if it were a complete sentence.


  3. verb or verb phraseA ___ is made up of a main verb AND one or more helping verbs.


  4. subjectsA ___ can be used to: make a statement, ask a question, to make a request or give a command, or to show strong feelings.


  5. questionIn some sentences beginning with here or there, ___ follow verbs. To find the ___ in such sentences, look for the verb and ask the question who or what.


  6. compound subjectA ___ is made up of two or more SUBJECTS that share the same verb.