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study for chapter 14 quiz

OVER how many long and complicated series are found in the book of Revelation?


There's aproximently how many allusions to the Old Testament that are found in the book of Revelation?


As a literary style Apoctalyptic writing was highly_____


Apoctalyptic means________

Prophetic of devistation of ultimate doom.

The island that John was exiled :


Traditionally held as the author of revelation


Iraneous claimed that the book of Revelation was written towards the end of which roman emperor's reign?


persecutions are to be experienced by the believers up to the time of the end, when they will be delivered from the power of antichrist.


rejects the idea of a literal thousand- year reign of Christ after his return at the end of the age


first three chapters of Revelation deal with the church , after which the saints are raptured from the earth.

Dispensational premillennial

: postulates that through the preaching of the gospel the world will gradually be won to Christ

Post millennialism

How many letters are written directly to churches in Asia in chapters: 2 and 3 of Revelation?


We ought to live as though Christ was crucified yesterday, risen today, and coming tomorrow

Martin Luther's quote on how we ought to live.

Two realities in which we live:

The supernatural order and the world of recorded time.

What was john's favorite expression to use to describe Jesus? He used it 28 times in the book of revelation.

THE lamb

What is the teaching of univesalism?

: is the view that ultimately everything and everyone will be saved, even Satan, his angels and demons .

The book of Revelation ends with what prayer of every sincere Christian's heart?

Amen, come Lord Jesus.

What is the name of the famous painting by Michelangelo that is located in the Sistine Chapel in Rome? It is based on the book of Revelation.

The Last Judgement

What chapter in Revelation portrays the Great white throne judgement?


What chapter of Revelation tells of the New Heaven and Earth?


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