20 terms

Buissness chap. 10

In general, skill-based pay is most effective for managing the performance of self-managing and self-directing teams.
Which of the following statements about team training is true?
Cross-training is less appropriate for teams of highly skilled workers.
Which of the following is a useful guideline for successful management of virtual teams?
Keep team interaction upbeat and action-oriented.
Which of the following is a reason teamwork can be more satisfying than traditional work?
All of these are reasons why teamwork can be more satisfying than traditional work.
Which of the following is an advantage associated with the use of project teams?
all of these
Affective conflict ____.
typically decreases team cohesiveness
Once teams have made it to the performing stage, they no longer need fear a decline in performance.
A(n) ____ is defined as a team composed of geographically and/or organizationally dispersed coworkers who use telecommunications and information technologies to accomplish an organizational task.
virtual team
Virtual teams are often, but not necessarily, temporary teams that are set up to accomplish a specific task.
Which of the following kinds of team is always temporary?
project team
Which of the following statements about semi-autonomous work groups is true?
Semi-autonomous work groups have the authority to make decisions and solve problems related to the major tasks of producing a good or service.
A company engaged in cross training is using individual team members to teach other members how to do all or most of the jobs they can perform.
____ describes the average level of ability, experience, personality, or any other factor on a team.
Team level
Conflicts and disagreements often characterize the second stage of team development, which is called storming.
With ____, teams no longer have to go through the frustratingly slow process of multilevel reviews and signoffs to get management approval before making changes.
bureaucratic immunity
Companies are making greater use of teams because teams have been shown to increase (1) customer satisfaction, (2) product and service quality, (3) speed and efficiency in product development, and (4) employee job satisfaction.
Cognitive conflict is strongly associated with improvements in team performance, and affective conflict is strongly associated with decreases in team performance.
The three significant disadvantages that teams and teamwork are prone to are initially high turnover, social loafing, and legal risk.
n the stages of team development, a team moves from growth to decline during the ____ stage.
Cross-functional teams are purposefully composed of employees from different functional areas of the organization.