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Dr. Crowley is credited with defining which of the following?
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Your patient is presenting with a leg that is extended, abducted and externally rotated following a fall. Which of the following do you suspect to the be the injury?ANTERIOR hip dislocationAccording to PHTLS, what are the two contraindications for the use of traction splinting?traction splints should not be used with fractures or injuries of the tibia or knee, or if the patient is not stable.True or False. Sprains are caused when cartilage is suddenly twisted beyond its normal range of motion.FRight anterior knee dislocation occurs when;Tibia has overridden the femurWhat is the ratio needed for crystalloid volume replacement to blood to compensate for fluid shift?3:1You are caring for a 4 year old child. According to PHTLS, you should expect the normal ventilatory rate to be _____.20-28Which of the following is associated with a reduction in the elderly patient's physiology reserve?Decrease Renal FunctionA naturally occurring change associated with age is reduction in body height by _____ inches.2-3 inchesYou work for an EMS agency that has just endured a very active hurricane season. Two major storms hit, badly taxing resources. Shelters were at capacity and EMS was unable to keep up with calls. Leadership has scheduled a meeting involving all stakeholders to form a plan for next year's hurricane season. According to Dr. Noji, this is the ___________ period of the disaster cycle.quietscentDuring what effect in a blast injury does "blast lung" occur?primaryWhat does DUMBLEMS mean (Muscarinic)Diarrhead, Urination, Miosis, Bradycardia, Bronchorrhea, Bronchospasm, Emesis, Lacrimation, Salivation, SweatingWhat does MTWHF stand for (Nicotinic)Mydriasis, Tachycardia, Weakness, Hypertension, Hyperglycemia, FasciculationsIonizing radiation causes injury to cells by interacting with atoms and inhibiting energy production.FalseOf the deaths caused by cold weather conditions each year, how many occurred in persons aged 65 years or older?Almost HalfHypothermia occurs when conditions allow the body's temperature to fall below _____ degrees F.96True or False. Maximal shivering may increase heat production by three to four times resting level.FalseThe body will lose heat _____ times faster in water than in air of the same temperature.25Mortality and morbidity association with heatstroke are directly related to the duration of elevated core body temperature. Heatstroke is characterized by a core temperature about ____ degrees F and CNS dysfunction.104Lichtenberg's figures usually resolve within how many hours after exposure?24During drowning, a reduction of the brain temperature by 18 degrees F will decrease energy consumption by _____ , doubling the duration of time the brain can survive.50%What is the most common cause of death associated with Scuba-related injuries?DrowningThe most commonly fractured ribs are:4-8 laterallyIn the setting of pulmonary contusion, gas exchange is inhibited by blood in the:alveoliThe most common result of cardiac compression in blunt trauma is:cardiac contusionPulsus paradoxus is defined as a drop in the systolic blood (10-15 mmHq) pressure that occurs during ____________.InspirationThe normal adult pericardial sack can hold up to ___________ ml of fluid before pulseless electrical activity occurs.300What is Becks Triad a sign forCardiac TamponadeWhat are the 3 signs of Becks TriadHypotension, JVD, Muffled heart soundsWhich of the following is NOT a sign of a flail sternum?Muffled Heart tonesTrue or False. In the setting of hemothorax, the pleural space can accommodate a significant volume of blood (2,500 to 3,000 ml). It is rare that enough blood would accumulate to cause a tension pneumothorax.TrueTrue or False. Traumatic aortic disruption most commonly occurs as a result of gun shot wound.FalseTrue or False. Blunt trauma diaphragmatic rupture is associated with significant force that may allow for acute herniation of abdominal organs.FalseWhich of the following organ is NOT found in the retroperitoneal space?Gall BladderThe line that divides the abdominal cavity into halves reaches from the ___________ to the __________.Xiphoid Process and Symphasis pubisThe presence of hypovolemic shock without another obvious cause should be assumed to beabdominal inuryIf spilled into the abdominal cavity, the contents of which organ are more likely to cause peritonitis?intestinesBy term, a pregnant woman's blood volume has increased by how much?50%In the pregnant trauma patient, a firm, hard, tender uterus accompanied by vaginal bleeding is most suggestive of which of the following conditions?abruptio placentaeTrue or False. When considering the relationship between mass and velocity related to kinetic energy, it can be said that velocity has the greater influence on energy production.trueTrue or False. When considering kinetic energy transfer in rear impact collisions, the greater the difference in momentum between the "bullet" vehicle and the "target" vehicle, the the greater the force.trueKinetic energy is equal to _____________________ of the mass X the velocity halfWhat is the leading cause of traumatic brain injury in patient between 5 and 65 years old?MVCIn blunt trauma, what two types of force may be involved with impact?sheering, compressionList 2 anatomic structures that may sustain shearing injuries in a frontal impact.liver, kidneyWhich of the following is an example of a medium velocity weapon?handgunWhich of the following would be sustained from the primary blast injury?pneumothoraxValvular rupture that result from blunt cardiac injury presents with signs and symptoms compared to which of the following?CHFWhich of the following ECG findings is NOT associated with blunt cardiac injury?Prolonged PR intervalWhat does MAP stand for?Diastolic + 1/3 pulse pressureThe reticular activating system is responsible for which of the following:alertnessIn the area of the midbrain, the cerebrum is separated from the cerebellum by an extension of the dura mater called the ___________.Tentorium cerebelliCerebral Perfusion pressure equalsMAP-ICPThe point of hyperventilation in the herniating brain is to cause:vasocontrictionWhich of the following is NOT an example of a secondary causes of brain injury?Cerebral lacerationWhich of the following is the most reliable sign of uncal herniation?Ipsilateral blown pupilWhich of the following describes a herniation of the brain stem?Tonsillar herniationIf the head strikes an object while the weight of the moving body bears against the stopped head, what injury mechanism may result?Axial LoadingBrown-Sequard Syndrome is an example of which of the following?Incomplete cord transectionYour patient has an area of burn that is white and leathery in appearance, but not painful. The tissue in this zone known as the:Zone of CoagulationTrue or False. Drain cleaner is an example of a strong base agent that would cause coagulative necrosis.False